Marine Polishing Solutions

We guide you through the processes of polishing gelcoat and lacquered / painted wooden surfaces found in Marine applications. Our expertly curated solutions are here to help you restore weathered gelcoats, remove scratches and protect and maintain marine surfaces.

Cleaning the boat

Maintaining the appearance of marine craft is an essential task, yet it comes with challenges. We look at how to safely wash a boat.

Holding out Profile 400 Advanced Plus

Acrylic boat windows and hatches can suffer from scuffing and fading over time. Here's how to remove cloudiness and restore them back to their former glory.

Heavy swirl and holograms on blue

Swirl marks on boat paintwork are a common and unsightly defect that can often occur. To combat this issue, Farécla offers a targeted solution.

Buff off wax from boat hull with cloth

Sunlight reflecting off the water means double exposure of your boat's paintwork to harmful ultraviolet rays, so it's important to protect your painted boat finish, for longevity and shine.