Fine Cut Polishes

Elevate your finish with our Fine Cut Polishes. Developed as an optional follow-on step to cutting compounds or heavy cut polishes, these products provide the ultimate high gloss finish. Alternatively, they excel in removing lighter defects, serving as a standalone solution for professionals seeking impeccable results. Our range caters to various sectors, including automotive, marine, composite, and wood, ensuring a specialised product for every need.

G360 SUPER FAST FINISH - Range Photo of 1 L, 500 ML SKU(s) on a white background

G360 Super Fast Finish is designed to rapidly eliminate swirls and holograms from painted and lacquered automotive surfaces - ideal on darker colours after using G360 Compound.

G3 PREMIUM - Photo of 1kg size SKU - a yellow bottle on a white background

G3 Fine Finishing Compound offers rapid and permanent removal of minor surface defects, holograms and swirl marks from all modern paint systems. Superb on dark colours.

G3 PRO D.A. FINE POLISH - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish is a light abrasive liquid that removes minor imperfections for a mirror shine finish - optimised for use with a Dual Action Polisher.

G10 - Photo of 500ml size SKU - a yellow bottle on a white background

G10 Finishing Compound is ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks, especially on darker colours.