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Farécla met with Waterways Network Magazine to test the Profile range of surface rectification products on a narrowboat and its ten-year-old paintjob with notable fading.

Our Professional Ranges


The latest in Automotive Refinishing; super fast cutting action thats been engineered to save bodyshops time, money and energy


Specialist range of compounds developed for Marine and Industrial applications


Farécla's flagship automotive refinishing range for bodyshops

G Plus

Polishing Machines, Tools, Ancillaries & Accessories

G Mop

Performance enhancing foam, wool and microfibre applicator pads

Clean & Protect

Non-hazardous, silicone- and VOC-free spray that offers immense cleaning power and leaves a long lasting protective layer on the surface.

G3 Pro formulas are a range of vehicle care and detailing products designed to CLEAN, RESTORE and FINISH surfaces such as automotive paintwork, boat surfaces and wood lacquers and more.