Composite Cutting Compounds

Our composite cutting compounds are crafted with scientific precision to address the specialised needs of composite materials, from mould and plug preparation through to finished pieces, ensuring optimal preparation for the final finishing stage. 

PROFILE 100 EXTRA - Photo of 3kg size SKU on a white background

Profile 100 EXTRA Heavy Cut Paste Compound - commonly dubbed "liquid sandpaper" - is a coarse, aggressive, water-based compounding paste for tough resins and gelcoats.

PROFILE 200 SELECT - Photo of 1L size SKU on a white background

Profile 200 SELECT Coarse Cut Liquid Compound eliminates sanding marks and heavy defects from production and tooling gelcoat surfaces.

PROFILE 350 PREMIUM LIQUID - Photo of 1L and 1 US Gallon size SKUs on a white background

Profile 350 PREMIUM Liquid removes sanding marks, restoring gel coat surfaces, and delivering a high gloss finish. Ideal for dark colours, it can be used as a one-step solution or as part of a two-step compounding process for enhanced gloss and reduced swirls.

PROFILE 400 ADVANCED PLUS - Photo of 1L size SKU on a white background

Profile 400 ADVANCED PLUS Fast Medium Liquid Compound eliminates P1500 sanding marks and defects from paint, lacquer, acrylic, plexiglass and gelcoat surfaces, leaving a high gloss.