GROUP IMAGE - Farecla Clean and Protect and a hand holding a G Plus Finishing Cloth - a dust cloud is hitting one side of the clean and protect bottle with the other side being clear representing its protective properties

Farécla Clean and Protect is a non-hazardous, silicone- and VOC-free product that offers immense cleaning power and at the same time leaves a long lasting protective layer on the surface.

Applied by hand on a microfibre cloth, use it on paintwork, glass, plastics or rubber to remove polishing residues, glue lines and finger marks – or to rapidly remove much tougher stains like bird lime.

Clean and Protect will enhance any surface, so it confers added lustre and depth of shine to gloss paintwork, but will not add gloss to satin finishes or most matt finishes*. And it will darken black trims.

Finally, the protective layer left by Clean and Protect will add easy-clean and water repellency properties to the surface that will endure for a remarkably long time – up to 4 weeks.

This innovative product is a perfect compliment to the G360 Super Fast system, but equally to other Farécla compounds and polishes thanks to its versatile use - including gelcoats as part of the Profile system.


CLEAN AND PROTECT - Photo of 1L size SKU(s) on a white background

Clean and Protect is an easy to use “wipe on, wipe off” product - rapidly removing contaminants from paint, glass, rubber and plastics, whilst leaving a silicone-free layer of protection to the surface 

G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches.