How to Restore Scratched or Heavily Weathered Gelcoat (light-coloured)

Polishing white gelcoat with G Mop Single Sided Wool Pad flat

Gelcoat, the outermost layer on the surface of a boat, plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and protection. Over time, it can suffer from heavy scratching and weathering, leading to a dull and worn appearance. This damage not only affects the visual appeal of the vessel but can also expose underlying structures to harmful environmental factors.

For light-coloured gelcoat that has been scratched or heavily weathered, we recommend a two-step solution with Profile 200 Select and Profile 700 Finish. Starting with Profile 200 Select, the surface is restored, removing scratches and weathering. This process revives the gelcoat, returning it to its original condition. Then, to heighten the shine and bring the surface to a mirror-like finish, a second step of polishing with Profile 700 Finish is applied.

Gelcoat Cutting Process

  • Holding out Profile 200

    Step 1: Profile 200 Select

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and cold. Shake bottle well before use.
  • Applying compound to G Mop Wool Pad

    Step 2: Apply compound

    Apply a small amount of Profile 200 Select to a G Mop Wool Compounding Pad.
  • Speed 6 on G Plus Polisher

    Step 3: Polish at high speed

    Spread it over the surface and polish at HIGH SPEED (2000 - 3500 rpm).
  • Polishing white gelcoat with a G Mop Single Sided Wool Pad

    Step 4: Let the machine do the work

    Apply MINIMUM PRESSURE and keep the applicator flat on the surface. Let the machine do the work. Clean it and repeat if necessary.

Gelcoat Polishing Process

  • Holding out Profile 700 Finish

    Step 1: Profile 200 Select

    For increased gloss, polish with Profile 700 Finish after using Profile 200.
  • Polishing white gelcoat with a G Mop Black Finishing Foam

    Step 2: Choose your polishing pad

    Use a G Mop Lambswool Pad or a G Mop 8" or 6" Finishing Foam. The Lambswool pad (available in 8" or 6" size) works faster than the Foams, but the final shine level is slightly lower than achievable with a Foam applicator.
  • Speed 2 on G Plus Polisher

    Step 3: Slow down the polisher

    Machine speed in all cases 800-1100 rpm (or for dual action polishers 3000opm).

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