How to Restore Faded, Weathered or Scuffed Marine Gelcoat

Oxidised, dull or faded gelcoat

Over time exposure to the elements will cause weathering of gelcoat. Depending on the colour of the gelcoat this can include fading, chalking or yellowing. Happily, in all cases polishing can restore the colour and gloss.

How to use

  • Farécla Profile 350

    Step 1: Profile 350 PREMIUM

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and cool. Shake well before use.
  • Polishing back of boat hull with G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam flat

    Step 2: Polishing with the machine

    If the gelcoat is weathered, it is not necessary to sand the surface. Start directly with machine polishing with Profile 350 PREMIUM on a foam pad at normal speed (1500-1800 rpm) and normal pressure.
  • Wiping boat hull after polishing

    Step 3: Buff the surface

    Buff the surface with a soft, clean, dry microfibre cloth to remove residue.
  • Applying Polish to a Polishing Pad

    Step 4: Profile 700 FINISH (Optional)

    For increased shine after using Profile 350, polish with Profile 700 Finish on a G Mop Lambs Wool Pad (GML601) or alternatively a G Mop Finishing Foam (GMF622), in both cases at a speed of 800-1100 rpm.

Products Used in This Solution

  • PROFILE 350 PREMIUM LIQUID - Photo of 1L and 1 US Gallon size SKUs on a white background

    Profile 350 PREMIUM Liquid, an exceptional boat polish, efficiently eliminates sanding marks, rejuvenates gel coat surfaces, and achieves a superior high gloss finish. Especially effective on dark colours, this versatile product serves as a comprehensive one-step solution or can be integrated into a two-step compounding process to attain an even higher gloss and minimise swirl marks.

  • G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

    G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches. 

  • G MOP LAMBS WOOL PAD - Side View of 6 Inch Pad on a White Background

    The G Mop Lambs Wool Pad is constructed using natural sheepskin and a velour backing. It gives a high cut and great finish, depending on the product used. 

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