How to Restore Dull or Faded Paintwork on a Boat

Oxidised dull or faded boat paint - before/after

For light restoration of paintwork by hand or machine G3 Pro All-In-One Polish can be used.
For restoration of heavier weathering or large areas by machine only Profile 400 Advanced Plus is recommended

Option 1: Light Restoration

  • Holding out G3 Pro All-In-One Polish

    Step 1: G3 Pro All-in-One Polish

    Wash and dry the surface before use. Shake bottle.
  • Apply polish to boat hull by hand

    Step 2: Apply polish by hand

    Apply a small amount of G3 Pro All-In-One Polish directly to the surface or to a clean, damp microfibre cloth, working in a light, criss-crossing motion. Note: G3 Pro All-In-One Polish can also be applied by machine. In this case, polish with a G3 Pro 7503/7504 foam pad (dual action 3500 OPM or rotation speed 800 - 1100 rpm).
  • Wiping boat hull after polishing

    Step 3: Remove residue

    Remove the residue and polish with a soft, clean and dry microfibre cloth.

Option 2: Heavy Restoration

  • Holding out Profile 400 Advanced Plus

    Step 1: Profile 400 Advanced Plus

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and cool. Shake bottle well before use.
  • Applying compound to G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam

    Step 2: Apply polish to polishing pad

    Apply a small amount of product to a G Mop polishing foam pad.
  • Polishing boat hull with G Mop Lambs Wool Pad

    Step 3: Polishing

    Spread the product on the surface and polish with a rotary polisher at 800-1100 rpm. Work in small areas at a time and keep the applicator flat on the surface.
  • Wiping boat hull after polishing

    Step 4: Wipe and check

    Clean the surface and repeat the process if necessary.

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