How to Remove Swirl Marks from a Boat

Heavy swirl and holograms on blue

Swirl marks on boat paintwork are a common and unsightly defect that can often occur. To combat this issue, Farécla offers a targeted solution. For the removal of light swirls and to restore a very high gloss finish, Profile 700 Finish is the product of choice. Its specially formulated composition will not only erase those minor blemishes but leave a lasting shine.

However, when dealing with heavier swirl marks, especially on darker shades, a two-step polishing using Profile 400 Advanced Plus, followed by Profile 700 Finish, ensures that even the most stubborn swirl marks are effectively removed, returning the paintwork to its original, flawless appearance.

For Heavy Swirl Mark Removal

  • Holding out Profile 400 Advanced Plus

    Step 1: Profile 400 Advanced Plus

    Make sure the surface is clean, dry and cold. Shake bottle well before use. Choose the applicator according to the desired cutting speed and finish quality.
  • Applying compound to G Mop Lambs Wool Pad

    Step 2a: Lambswool Pad

    Lambswool Pad - medium cut, medium gloss, machine speed 1500-1800 rpm.
  • Applying compound to G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam

    Step 2b: Waffle Foam Pad

    Waffle Compounding Foam - slower cut, higher gloss, machine speed 800-1100 rpm.
  • Polishing boat hull with G Mop Lambs Wool Pad

    Step 3: Work in small areas

    Work in small areas and hold the pad flat on the surface. Clean, repeat if necessary. If necessary, repolish with Profile 700 Finish.

For Light Swirl Removal & High Gloss Finish

  • Holding out Profile 700 Finish

    Step 1: Profile 700 Finish

    For increased gloss, polish after using Profile 400 with Profile 700 Finish on a G Mop 8" or 6" Finishing Foam.
  • Applying wax to boat hull with G Mop Black Finishing Foam

    Step 2: Apply with polishing machine

    Machine speed 800-1100 rpm (or for dual action polisher 3000opm)
  • Wiping boat hull after polishing

    Step 3: Wipe off

    Clean, repeat if necessary.

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