Production: Gel Coat Surfaces


Flawless, high gloss, defect-free surface, with a mirror shine finish.

Sand Sand

Finish sanding to P800 if needed on heavier defects.

This grade may change if using an alternative compound or applicator than used in this process.

Stage 1: Cut Stage 1: Cut

Profile Select Liquid Compound
PRS101 (1 ltr)
PRS106 (1 US gallon)
PRS506 (5 US gallons)

G Mop 8” Twisted Wool
Compounding Pad
GMW801 (single sided)
GMW806 (double sided)

Use Minimal Pressure
Stage 2: Finish (optional) Stage 2: Finish (optional)

Profile Finish
Liquid Compound
PRF101 (1 ltr)
PRF106 (1 US gallon)

G Mop 8” Finishing Foam
or for a higher cut,
G Mop 8” Lambs Wool Pad