Farécla Bonnet Painting Competition (2019) - Meet the Finalists #3: Alex

Bonnet Submission by Alex Campbell

Meet the Finalists: Alex Campbell

Alex is one of five finalists in the Farécla Apprentice & Student Bonnet Painting Competition (2019).

Alex was also a contestant in the Farécla competition last year and won the prize for best multi-media submission, which consisted of over 30 videos and several photos showcasing the making of his bonnet. “I enjoyed the competition last year, so this year I thought I would have another go.” said Alex. He is 20 years old and in the third year of his apprenticeship. His father is also a car refinisher, so Alex knew a bit about the industry before joining it.

Alex spent a lot of time thinking about the execution of his design. “I thought I would look a bit more into the company so I included the United Kingdom flag because they are a UK company, but replaced red, white and blue with the Farécla colours and included a spraygun spraying out the logo” said Alex.

“If I won the top prize I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about that, but I would definitely buy my mentor and manager a drink.”

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