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G3 Advanced Liquid Compound

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  • Medium to High Cut
  • Permanent results fast - no fillers
  • Use by hand (G Plus Finishing Cloth) or by machine
Automotive Market

About: G3 Advanced

G3 Advanced Liquid Compound is a one-step system that provides a fast cutting action and a high gloss finish.

It combines all the reliability and other advantages of G3 Paste with a reduced clean up time when compounding by machine. It provides the user with improved versatility, quality and speed to final finish verses competitive products.

Using the product with water will result in maximum performance benefits.


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  • G10 - Photo of 500ml size SKU - a yellow bottle on a white background

    G10 Finishing Compound is ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks, especially on darker colours.

  • FINISHING HEAD - side angled view of black compounding head

    The G Mop Finishing Head has a soft, open cell structure to protect delicate paintwork, while removing swirls and leaving a deep gloss finish.

FAQs & How to Use

How to Use: G3 Advanced How to Use: G3 Advanced

1. Soak pad in clean water

2. Squeeze out excess water and attach to polishing machine

3. Spin off excess water until there is no over spray from pad

4. Shake well, apply a small amount of product and spread with pad to reduce throw off

5. Compound at 1500-1800rpm until marks have been removed

6. Keep pad damp using clean water from a G Plus Water Spray Bottle

7. If necessary add more compound to completely remove the marks

8. Wipe clean with a G Plus Finishing Cloth

What is the difference between G3, G6 and G10? What is the difference between G3, G6 and G10?

G3 both paste and liquid, and G6 are first-stage cutting compounds, this means they have an aggressive cut to remove surface defects and abrasive sanding marks. The difference between these products is that G3 Paste is designed for use on Medium Solids paint systems; G3 Liquid on High Solids; and G6 Paste on very aged paints.

G10 is a second-stage finishing compound; it has much finer abrasive compound designed to remove very light scratches, swirl marks and fading, and provide a high gloss finish.

These products will all work on scratches as long as they haven’t penetrated through to the primer layer.

What's the difference between a Paste and Liquid compound? What's the difference between a Paste and Liquid compound?

Liquid compounds are more advanced, deliver faster cutting, create less mess and require less product per job.  

Paste compounds tend to be designed for older paint technology, (e.g. medium solids ‘MS’ systems), whereas liquid products are a more recent innovation typically intended for use on the latest compliant paint technologies.

What is the difference between all the liquid compounds offered by Farécla? What is the difference between all the liquid compounds offered by Farécla?

Ultimately all our liquid compounds will remove surface scratches and sanding marks. They all have different abrasive properties to suit the many different surfaces and substrates that our customers are working on around the world, and their varying requirements in speed of cut, ease of use, and the quality of gloss finish.

On paint and lacquer our G360 Super Fast Compound offers the best performance in time savings, low consumption of product, ease of use, and finish. For other surfaces and more specialist applications our Profile range offers a wide range of compounds suitable for gelcoat, resin, composite and lacquered wood surfaces

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