G360 Super Fast System

G360 Super Fast System

G360 is a revolutionary new polishing system, widely acclaimed by bodyshop professionals, and being hailed by some as a ‘game changer’.

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“Great results without P3000. Faster, and less reworks”
– Rye Street Group

“It’s the perfect system”
– Bryan Robson Coachworks, St. Albans

“No need for P3000, so cost-effective, faster process”
– Halliwell Jones, Chester

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Farécla G360 Super Fast System vs Other Brand(s)
G360 Compound System - Remove P1500 Sanding Marks
G360 Super Fast Compound System
G360 Super Fast Finish System



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the G360 System?

G360 is a radical new polishing system from Farécla which removes the need for expensive P3000 abrasive discs, AND is super fast and super easy.

Why are bodyshops so enthusiastic about it?

The product cost savings from adopting the G360 System are significantly greater than the total cost of the G360 System itself, plus it offers process time savings.

Is that for real?? It sounds a bit far-fetched!

Yes, it does sound incredible. But sceptical bodyshops across the country are trying G360, and are surprised and delighted to discover that it absolutely is for real! – You tell us – order a kit today, and see for yourself!

Are there any other benefits?

Faster polishing times and no use of P3000 discs means reduced operative exposure to Hand Arm Vibration risk. HAV risk and muscle fatigue is further reduced by the fact that when using the G360 System the operative applies significantly less pressure to the surface than with other polishing systems.

Anything else?

Yes, less electricity cost per job, and less use of water as no P3000. Triallists are also reporting reduced numbers of reworks, so enhanced productivity and throughput.

Any special polishing technique required?

The Best Practice Guide and ‘How To’ video on the Farécla website sum up how to optimise speed and quality of results. Mainly for step 1: only use a small amount of product and apply only very light pressure to the surface, with the pad at a very slight angle. And for the last few passes put the pad flat on the surface with no pressure, just the weight of the machine. And the flexible back plate GMB146 makes a positive difference too.

How long does a bottle of G360 Compound last?

It’s different for every polisher, but typically the SFC101 1kg bottle of G360 Compound lasts the same time as the 2 pads included with it in the Compound Kit KT3001. One kit will do anything up to 120 jobs. Assuming that the bodyshop might have used 2 boxes of 15 P3000 discs in that time the savings from that alone are in excess of £100 – not bad value given that the recommended end user price of the Compound Kit is £45! And that’s before any consideration of additional savings in process time, material usage, energy consumption and reduced reworks.

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