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News | 15.06.2018

Farécla extends registration deadline for car bonnet painting contest

At the request of the organisers of the Body Repair Industry Apprentice Awards (BRIAA), which takes place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on Tuesday 26 June, Farécla has agreed to…

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Tips | 12.06.2018

How do I know whether the scratch is removable?

Farécla compounds will remove imperfections within the paint surface itself. If the scratch has penetrated through to the primer level, (usually a grey or white colour) then a refinish will…

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News | 05.06.2018

Farecla Products Ltd – Ware Dragon Boat Regatta 2018

Farécla Products Ltd is taking part in the Hertford Shires Rotary Club 13th Annual Dragon Boat Regatta in Ware, Hertfordshire on Saturday 9th June 2018. The Rotary hopes to raise…

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Tips | 29.05.2018

What is the most coarse scratch pattern that your products will remove?

For automotive applications we recommend P1500 or above, whilst for Industrial surfaces such as GRP, P800 or above can be removed.

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Offers | 21.05.2018

Two G Mop 6″ Yellow Compounding Foams – £9.95 – One Week Only

For one week only, pick up a 2 Pack of G Mop 6" Yellow Compounding Foam applicator pads for just £9.95 GMC612 (2-Pack) - Only £9.95 per 2-Pack Promotion Valid…

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News | 21.05.2018

Judges Announced for Farécla Apprentices and Students Bonnet Painting Competition

Akzo Nobel's George Sneddon to Head Judging Panel for Farécla Apprentices and Students Bonnet Painting Competition Farécla is running a nationwide bonnet painting competition to find the UK's most talented…

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On the Road | 15.05.2018

Stockwell Surfboards – Farécla User Profile

Name Tom Stockwell Tell us a bit about your business Custom Surfboards designed and built in South Devon UK. What do you enjoy most about what you do? I really…

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Offers | 10.05.2018

Free 3″ Pads with ACDelco Mini Polisher Offer

For a limited time only, get a free pack of 5 G Mop 3" Yellow Compounding Foams and G Mop 3" Black Finishing Foam applicators with each purchase of the ACDelco 3"/75mm Battery Operated…

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On the Road | 08.05.2018

#ontheroad – May 2018

Following the opening of our warehouse in China, based in the Songjiang district of Shanghai, we launched a dedicated Chinese language website on 11th April which can be found at www.farecla.cn.…

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Tips | 01.05.2018

Should I use ammonia to remove wax from a surface before compounding with G3 Fine Finishing Compound?

No, when using Farécla compounds it's not necessary to use ammonia, or any other additional chemicals, to remove waxy surface residues. Compounding with G3 Fine Finishing Compound alone will do the…

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Tips | 17.04.2018

Can I use G3 to remove stone chips from paintwork?

No - G3 works on upper clearcoats however, unfortunately, stone chips cause damage to lower paint levels. Therefore we suggest filling and building the lower paint layers before applying G3…

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On the Road | 05.04.2018

#ontheroad – April 2018

Last month was an exciting time, here at Farécla HQ with launches and activity aplenty! The Farécla 2018 Apprentices Bonnet Painting Competition, launched during National Apprentice Week, is all about…

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News | 03.04.2018

New Export Customer Services Administrator

Farécla welcomes a new Export Customer Services Administrator, Anna Zdrowowicz, to support exports to over 120 countries. Farécla has long-held established relationships with international distributors, winning the company the prestigious Queen's…

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News | 28.03.2018

Farécla Easter Egg Hunt Competition

FIND ALL 6 EGGS TO WIN NEW PRODUCTS To celebrate the launch of our new website, Farécla are providing the chance to WIN BIG this Easter. TWO RUNNERS-UP will win a…

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On the Road | 22.03.2018

Case Study: A Cornish Yawl & Farécla Profile

Steve, a Cornish Yawl owner, recently got in touch with us to share his experience of using Farécla Profile as part of his annual boat hull maintenance. Here's what he…

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Product News | 12.03.2018

G3 Pro Detailing Products

The G3 Pro car care range from Farécla has been extended to become a comprehensive selection of detailing products including all you need to correct paintwork defects, deep clean and finish…

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On the Road | 08.03.2018

#ontheroad – March 2018

February saw some of our Profile users coming out of hibernation to ready their boats for the water once again. We were also treated to some amazing work from users…

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News | 05.03.2018

Entry to Farécla 2018 Apprentices & Students Bonnet Painting Competition

The search is on to find the UK’s most talented apprentice and student painters. Farécla is running a contest across UK and Ireland, and the winning design, matching the look…

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News | 27.02.2018

New G Plus Electric Rotary Polishing Machine

Developed to our own specifications, following field trials, the G Plus Electric Rotary Polishing Machine is an ergonomic and dependable tool for machine polishing jobs. Suited to 6" and 8" applicator…

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Product News | 16.02.2018

New G3 Pro Range Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the latest on our New G3 Pro Detailing Range.

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Tips | 06.02.2018

What speed should I use my polishing machine at to give me the best performance from my Farécla Products?

Machine speeds from 0 to 2000rpm can be used with most, if not all, Farécla Products. However, we recommend using 1500 to 1800rpm (number 3 on a variable speed polisher)…

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Farécla Friday | 02.02.2018

The Biggest Piece of Rock Memorabilia? Pink Floyd Yacht

When it comes to rock and roll memorabilia, you might think of ticket stubs, signed photos or perhaps a guitar. You probably wouldn't think as big as a 65' yacht…

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Videos | 31.01.2018

Polishing a Lacquered Wooden Drum Shell with Farécla Profile Premium & G Mop High Cut Foam

See how the Cambridge Drum Company use the Farécla Profile system to achieve a high-gloss, polished finish on their bespoke, handmade drums.

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Tips | 30.01.2018

Benefits of G3 Fine Finishing Compound

G3 Fine Finishing Compound has a slight abrasive content which makes it excellent at removing swirl marks, small scratches and hazes for a perfect finish permanently!

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News | 29.01.2018

ISO Audit Success

For the 8th year in a row Farécla have passed our external ISO audit with no non-conformances and no recommendations.  In 2012 we implemented a brand new Integrated Management System…

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Product News | 29.01.2018

New AC Delco Battery Operated Mini Polisher

Our AC Delco Battery Operated Mini Polisher (FG-MINIPOL) is now updated from Model ARS1210 to ARS1212 (FG-MINIPOL-ADV). Available for the same price; this new model offers the same great benefits…

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Tips | 25.01.2018

What’s the difference between a paste and liquid compound?

Liquid compounds are more advanced, deliver faster cutting, create less mess and require less product per job.  Paste compounds tend to be designed for older paint technology, (e.g. medium solids…

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Tips | 24.01.2018

What is the difference between G3, G6 and G10?

G3 both paste and liquid, and G6 are first-stage cutting compounds, this means they have an aggressive cut to remove surface defects and abrasive sanding marks. The difference between these…

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News | 23.01.2018

Farécla Strengthens Marketing Team

Farécla has strengthened its marketing presence with two new appointments at its head office in Ware. Tim Wright joins as Digital Marketing Manager and David Cousins joins as Marketing Assistant.…

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Tips | 23.01.2018

During the winter, is there a minimum temperature you need to apply Farécla products?

Farécla products can be used in most temperature conditions, but during very cold spells ensure the panels you are working on are at least 4°C above freezing. Very low temperatures…

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Tips | 03.04.2016

What differences are there between the G Sand Abrasives grades?

G Sand Discs are available in P1200, P1500, P2000 and P3000 grades – and as with all abrasives, the higher the number, the finer the scratch pattern. P1200, P1500 and…

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