G360 Super Fast System User Reviews

We’ve made some strong claims with the benefits of the G360 Super Fast System, based on our extensive development and field trials. You don’t need to take our word for it though Take a look at some of the G360 reviews below…

“…eliminates up to 1500 marks so no need to waste money on p3000 and p6000 discs anymore!”

Repair and Refinish

“Nothing’s washing off. It’s fricking beautiful.

We did just 1500 straight. We didn’t 3000, we didn’t 5000. This is actually insane!

This is a huge game changer.

This would have taken an hour and it took 20 minutes.”

Motivated Painters

“I’m loving the effortless performance and super results…”

Damage Undone

“If you’re in the professional body shop industry… I think you’re going to love it.

I’ve not used anything that cuts as rapidly as this.

It’s a very rapid system that is very nice to use.”

Forensic Detailing

“…this compound is a game changer removing the need for Trizact all together! If your into saving time from p1500 then this is the compound you need”

True Reflection

“Thought we would give this a go. Everyone’s raving about it and our usual polish is starting to drag. Got to say I’m impressed. Great to use and very easy.”

Cool Classics

“It really is just crazy how it brings the shine up so quick… It really is different to everything else that I’ve tried before.”

Repair and Refinish

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Len Burr – Farécla User Profile

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