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  • Super High Cut
  • Extremely rapid cut from P1500 when paired with G360 Super Fast Compound
  • Hybrid of foam and engineered fibres keep panels cool and reduces drag improving ease of use
  • Superb handling and flexibility, glides over contours
  • Excellent durability
  • Hook & Loop System
  • Recommended: use with a G Mop Flexible Back Plate
Automotive Market

About: G Mop Super High Cut Pad

The G Mop Super High Cut Pad, developed in conjunction with G360 Super Fast Compound, eliminates P1500 sanding marks and removes the need for costly P3000 sanding discs.

With a faster cut, the engineered fibre pad requires half the compound habitually used, and only light pressure resulting in less fatigue.


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  • 150 mm / 6 in
    1 Pack
    12 Pack(s)

Use With...

  • G360 SUPER FAST COMPOUND - Range Photo of 1 KG, 500 G and 100 G SKU(s) on a white background

    G360 Super Fast Compound is designed to rapidly eliminate sanding marks and minor defects from painted and lacquered automotive surfaces.

  • G MOP FLEXIBLE BACK PLATE - Side view of 6 Inch Yellow Back Plate

    The G Mop Flexible Back Plate adds additional flexibility to Farécla's range of compounding and finishing foams - allowing for improved handling performance, increased performance and increased pad life. 

  • G PLUS SPURRING BRUSH - Photo of a yellow spurring brush on a white background

    The G Plus Spurring Brush is designed for manually cleaning G Mop pads and foams - unclogging foam cells to ensure no drop in cut or gloss and avoiding residue, dried compound and other contaminants impairing your next job.

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