Using Farécla to Restore and Maintain Racing Shells


Boathouse Manager, Mr Hanson, has been using the Farécla range of products to restore and maintain his fleet of rowing boats. Below are his own words and experiences of using our products.

We have just purchased a 2007 Empacher Eight. Empacher’s are industry leaders in rowing boats, they have been at the forefront of racing at all levels from local river regattas to Olympic finals. This 2007 Empacher has been based in Chester all its life however, it has recently changed hands and is now with us in London.

Upon collecting the boat, it was obvious that the boat had been living outside, which has affected its gel coat and had made the boat look extremely dull, upon wiping my hand across the boat my hand would be covered in yellow dust and dirt.


We collected the boat and transported it back to London to get it in the workshop. With any second-hand boat I like to get it to good condition and correct specification before it joins the fleet as this boat will race at races across the UK and Europe over the next year all being well.

I first started by wiping the boat down with degreaser in a spray bottle and cloth. This soon became clogged up with dust and dirt however, this did help the polishing process. I could see that the boat had had very little use over the last few years and needed a lot of TLC.

After the basic clean I unwrapped a new foam rotary polishing pad and applied Farécla Advanced Profile Plus which gave me the first cut polish. I applied the liquid compound evenly on the pad as recommended by Farécla, having evenly applied the compound I rubbed the pad on the boat and started the rotary at a low rpm steadily increasing the rpm and working in small localised areas. After repeating this process around ten times I had finished with one side of the boat however, due to the condition of the surface my rotary pad had become totally clogged. I changed to a new pad and continued with the opposite side. After approximately 2 hours I had completed the first stage of polishing and already the boat looked 100% better.

After the first cut polish stage I wiped the boat with a damp cloth to clear away any residue that was left. Replacing the foam pad again, I moved onto the next stage. Where I used Farécla Profile Finish Liquid Compound this removed any swirls and residue left from the first polish. Using this product left the boat had a deep gloss and shine. This stage took me around an hour to complete after which I went over the boat with a clean microfibre cloth.

Having left the boat for an hour to dry I applied G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax with the provided waffle pad. This was an extremely easy product to use. I divided the boat into quarters and applied the wax using a swirling clockwise motion making sure I covered the entire area. I repeated this on all four quarters then buffed up the wax with a microfibre cloth. This left the boat with an extremely deep shine and was very smooth to the touch.

After using the Farécla products the boat is unrecognisable as its former self.

Mr Hanson, Boathouse Manager


The before and after result of the boat are unbelievable. The boat came to us after many years of little use, dull and faded after living outside. But after using the Farécla products the boat is unrecognisable as its former self.

Farécla products were easy and enjoyable to use. You only need to use a small amount of product for a large area which keeps the mess down and allows the product more use. I have used many other brands over the years all of which have a pungent smell and require me to wear a mask, which can be off putting when the process can take many hours. However, Farécla products have a good scent to them both making the process pleasant and safe to use without a mask, making the hours of work much more enjoyable.

Empacher boats make up the Senior racing fleet in our Rowing club. They are used on a regular bases for both training day to day and also racing. There for they have to be hard wearing and also look great.

Empacher make their boats with a gel coat rather than paint making the surface tougher, this however means they require more care and can be affected by UV light. They need to be polished regularly to keep their finish and shine. With this in mind it was great to learn that Farécla products offer a UV protection which will improve the life and look of the boats and also give me piece of mind when they are out in the sun for long periods of time on training camps and regattas.

The results of using Farécla products speak for themselves. The before and after images from this particular boat were amazing. Farécla products gave the boat a new lease of life and I will be using these products on my entire fleet from now on. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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