Simplifying Marine Mould Polishing at Latitude 46


Our specialist applications team headed down to La Rochelle, France to meet with Latitude 46 and understand the polishing challenges faced at their shipyard.

Latitude 46 felt there was room for improvement in their mould polishing process to get the optimal level of cut and finish.

Testing four different Farécla processes against the incumbent system, we were able to deliver not only savings in product quantity, time through fewer passes, but also a much better finish with the combination of Profile Select and Profile 350 Premium Liquid Compound.


Polishing Moulds to Achieve a Mirror Finish – Liquid Option

  1. Sanding steps P300/P420/P600/P800
  2. Profile Select with G Mop Twisted Wool Applicator
  3. Profile Premium with G Mop Twisted Wool Applicator


All four Farécla polishing processes tested out-performed the mould polishing system that was in place. The initial installation gave time savings of over 30% with further time savings expected through optimising other areas of their process. The Farécla Profile products selected felt more lubricated providing a longer open time where required.

It is important to optimise your processes for mould maintenance and finished pieces – the same polishing techniques may not work.

Featured Products

PROFILE 350 PREMIUM LIQUID - Photo of 1L and 1 US Gallon size SKUs on a white background

Profile 350 PREMIUM Liquid, an exceptional boat polish, efficiently eliminates sanding marks, rejuvenates gel coat surfaces, and achieves a superior high gloss finish. Especially effective on dark colours, this versatile product serves as a comprehensive one-step solution or can be integrated into a two-step compounding process to attain an even higher gloss and minimise swirl marks.

G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches.