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  • Fast Scratch Removal
  • High Gloss Shine
  • Suitable for OEMs
  • Dry Use & Clean to Use
  • Optimised for Wool Pads
  • Bodyshop Safe (No Silicones)
Automotive Market

About: G3 Extra

G3 Extra Abrasive Compound is a high performance, water-based cutting compound, which removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from Medium Solids paint systems.

This versatile product can be used with either wool or foam applicator pads; for optimum results use in tandem with G Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad - available single or double sided in 8" / 200 mm.

G3 Extra is only available in select markets.


FPL Part No.
Carton Qty
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1 kg
6 Bottle(s)

Use With...

G MOP FLEXIBLE BACK PLATE - Side view of 6 Inch Yellow Back Plate

The G Mop Flexible Back Plate adds additional flexibility to Farécla's range of compounding and finishing foams - allowing for improved handling performance, increased performance and increased pad life. 

G MOP BOLT ADAPTOR - Photo of Silver Bolt Adaptor on a White Background

The G Mop Bolt Adaptor is an quick screw fit system for using the G Mop Double Sided Twisted Wool Pad on a polishing machines.

Follow On With...

G3 PREMIUM - Photo of 1kg size SKU - a yellow bottle on a white background

G3 Fine Finishing Compound offers rapid and permanent removal of minor surface defects, holograms and swirl marks from all modern paint systems. Superb on dark colours.

CLEAN AND PROTECT - Photo of 1L size SKU(s) on a white background

Clean and Protect is an easy to use “wipe on, wipe off” product - rapidly removing contaminants from paint, glass, rubber and plastics, whilst leaving a silicone-free layer of protection to the surface 

FAQs & How to Use

How to Use: G3 Extra How to Use: G3 Extra

1. Attach a G Mop 8” Wool Pad to a polishing machine

2. Shake bottle well before use

3. Dispense a small quantity of product onto surface or pad

4. Compound at 1500 - 1800rpm

5. Wipe clean with a G Plus Finishing Cloth

What's the difference between the G3 Premium System and the G3 Extra System? What's the difference between the G3 Premium System and the G3 Extra System?

Farécla’s G3 Premium System is designed to be used on Ultra High Solids and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats and should be applied with foam pads, whilst the G3 Extra System works with Medium and High Solids paint systems using wool applicators.