G3 Pro Snow Foam solution being sprayed by a pressure washer onto the roof of a car

With spring's arrival, it's crucial to address the aftermath of winter on your vehicle. Winter conditions leave behind a mix of salt, grime, and debris, which, if not promptly and properly addressed, can lead to corrosion and damage to your vehicle's exterior. 

This spring cleaning car care guide aims to equip you with practical, technical advice on how to effectively Clean, Restore and Finish your vehicle.

Step 1: Begin by Cleaning the Wheels

Starting with the wheels is more than just a logical step; it's a strategic approach to prevent brake dust and road grime from contaminating your clean car. Use G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner, a powerful formula designed to break down and remove corrosive brake dust, ensuring your wheels are not only clean but also protected from potential damage.

Spraying a wheel with G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner


Apply G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner liberally to the wheels; its gel formula adheres well to surfaces to allow the product to work effectively.
G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner in action - wheel turning purple


Wait for the cleaner to activate. Presence of brake dust will turn the solution purple.
Wheel sprayed with G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner being agitated with a wheel brush


Use a brush if needed, before rinsing.

Step 2: Pre-washing with Snow Foam

Pre-washing your car with G3 Pro Snow Foam is an excellent step towards achieving a pristine clean, especially for those dedicated to maintaining their vehicle's appearance. Snow foam works to loosen and lift dirt, grime, and contaminants from the paintwork before you even touch the surface with a wash mitt. This method significantly reduces the risk of scratching your car's finish during the main wash, as you're not rubbing the dirt into the paint.

Snow foam is applied with a pressure washer and a foam lance, creating a thick, clingy foam that covers your vehicle, breaking down the tough dirt without the need for physical scrubbing. This step is particularly important after periods of bad weather or if the car has not been washed for a while, as it ensures a deeper clean.

For those without access to a pressure washer and snow foam lance, a thorough rinse with a regular hose can still help to remove surface dirt before proceeding with the two-bucket wash method. While not as effective at loosening stubborn grime, it's a practical alternative that can still aid in minimising scratches and swirl marks during the wash process.

G3 Pro Snow Foam being poured into a Jet Wash Bottle

Dilute G3 Pro Snow Foam with water

Add 1 part G3 Pro Snow Foam to: 15 parts water for LIGHT cleaning 10 parts water for MEDIUM cleaning 4 parts water for HEAVY cleaning
G3 Pro Snow Foam dwelling and dripping on side of car

Spray Snow Foam on the car

Apply the Snow Foam from top to bottom, ensuring full coverage. The foam's thickness will depend on your dilution ratio and the foam lance used. Allow it to dwell and loosen dirt for 3-5 minutes.
Jet washer spraying car clean


Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom with clean water, using a pressure washer or hose for best results.

Step 3: The Two-Bucket Wash

Wash your car using the two-bucket method, using G3 Pro Shampoo to soften and lift dirt not removed by the pre-wash. This safe-wash technique is designed to minimise scratches and swirls by keeping the wash mitt as clean as possible throughout the process. One bucket holds a clean, soapy solution, while the second bucket is for rinsing the mitt of dirt and grime picked up from the car. This method ensures that you're not just moving dirt around but actually removing it.

For more on this take a look at "two bucket" wash method.

New lambswool wash mitt being dipped into a soapy bucket

Shampoo Bucket

Soak your wash mitt in the shampoo solution, ensuring it's fully coated with suds. Opt for a lambswool or microfibre noodle mitt for a safer clean, avoiding sponges due to their scratch risk.
Lambswool wash mitt being used on the front of a car


Gently wash the car from top to bottom, frequently rinsing your mitt (next step) and reloading it with shampoo.
Dirty lambs wool wash mitt going into clean water bucket

Rinse Bucket

Use the second bucket, containing only water, to rinse the mitt after each pass, removing collected dirt. This keeps the shampoo bucket clean and effective. Once clean, complete a final rinse with a hose or pressure washer before drying with a clean microfibre towel.

Step 4: Fallout and Deep Cleaning

Fallout, primarily composed of iron particles from brake pads and environmental pollutants, embeds itself in the paint, potentially causing corrosion and paint damage. G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner, though primarily for wheels, serves double duty here due to its effective chemical composition that loosens and dissolves these iron deposits, preparing your vehicle for a more thorough clean.

G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner Used on Bodywork

Spray onto paintwork

The Clay Mitt makes removing ingrained dirt easier compared to a conventional clay bar...but it must be used correctly! Keep the mitt as lubricated as possible so that it glides over the surface.
Iron Fallout Contamination

Allow G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner to work

If the car is affected by industrial fallout you will see the iron particles begin to disolve, turning purple. Rinse off before the product dries.

Step 5: Deep Clean the Surface with a Clay Mitt

After dealing with fallout, use the G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt for an in-depth cleanse. This step removes the remaining stubborn or embedded contaminants, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface. It's an essential preparation for the next crucial phase: polishing.

G3 Pro Rapid Detailer being sprayed onto a G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt in front of a black car

Lubricate the clay mitt and surface...

Ensure the Clay Mitt and surface are well lubricated, using either Rapid Detailer 2.0 or a concentrated shampoo solution, for smooth movement across the paintwork.
G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt washing a car, covered in shampoo suds


Maintain mitt lubrication and gently move the clay side over the surface with light pressure in a side to side and up and down motion.
G3 Pro Clay Mitt - Soft side being used on a car


Wipe off any residue using the mitt's cloth side. Repeat as needed until the surface feels smooth.

Step 6: Removing Swirl Marks and Scratches

Swirl marks, those fine lines that mar the paint's surface, often result from improper washing and drying techniques. They're not just blemishes but indicators of paint damage that needs correction. 

Choose from G3 Pro Scratch Remover (Paste or Liquid) - recommended for deeper, individual scratches, G3 Pro All-in-One Polish to remove swirls, holograms, minor defects by hand or G3 Pro D.A. Cutting Compound and D.A. Fine Polish if using a polisher. The choice between hand and machine polishing depends on the extent of correction needed and your comfort level and availability of tools. 

Car Door Handle Scratches - Before All-in-One Polish

Check the defects

Provided you cannot feel the scratches on your car with your fingernail, we should be able to polish them out.
Applying G3 Pro All-in-One Polish

Apply your chosen car polish

Follow the instructions to apply the polish to your car using an applicator pad or microfibre cloth. If applying by hand, use a crosshatch motion.
Car Door Handle Scratches - After All-in-One Polish


Wipe off any residue and inspect the scratches. If they're still visible, repeat the process until they have gone.

Tip: How to Avoid Swirl Marks

To prevent swirl marks in the future...

  1. Follow the safe wash process - a two bucket wash with a microfibre wash mitt, not a sponge.
  2. Always use clean, high-quality microfiber towels and follow a straight-line motion when washing and drying your vehicle. 
  3. Avoid circular motions that can reintroduce those fine scratches back onto the paintwork.
  4. If you drop any cloths, mitts or towels on the ground ensure they have been cleaned thoroughly and inspected before being used again.

Step 7: Wax Your Car for Protection and Shine

Choosing between spray, liquid, and paste waxes can be daunting - it's about which product best suits you. 

Spray waxes like G3 Pro Spray Wax are quick and easy to apply, perfect for maintaining protection and shine between more thorough waxing sessions. 

A liquid car wax such as G3 Pro Resin Superwax offer a balance between ease of application and durability, making them a versatile choice. 

Paste waxes, such as G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax 2.0, provide the longest-lasting protection and deepest shine, although they take a little longer to apply.

G3 Pro Spray Wax being held in front of a black car

G3 Pro Spray Wax

G3 Pro Resin Superwax being held in front of a black car

G3 Pro Resin Super Wax

G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax 2.0 being held in front of a black car

G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax 2.0

Products Used

G3 PRO WHEEL CLEANER - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, pH neutral touchless cleaner for all wheel types, including alloy, steel, chrome, painted and plastic trims.

G3 PRO SNOW FOAM - Front Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Snow Foam is a pH neutral cleaner, safe for all surfaces and paint finishes. It is ideal for touchless cleaning and maintenance washes, before full exterior work.

G3 PRO SHAMPOO - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Shampoo's highly concentrated formula delivers high foaming action - softening and lifting dirt to prevent surface damage whilst leaving a high gloss shine.

G3 PRO ALL-IN-ONE POLISH - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro All-in-One Polish removes swirls, holograms, minor defects and leaves a high gloss shine

G3 PRO D.A. COMPOUND - Photo of 1 L and 500 ml size SKUs on a White Background

G3 Pro D.A. Cutting Compound is an easy handling, low dusting paint correction liquid - optimised for use with a Dual Action Polisher.

G3 PRO D.A. FINE POLISH - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish is a light abrasive liquid that removes minor imperfections for a mirror shine finish - optimised for use with a Dual Action Polisher.

G3 PRO RAPID DETAILER 2.0 - Front Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Rapid Detailer 2.0 is a non-hazardous, silicone-free cleaner that removes bird lime, tree sap, dust and fingerprints from surfaces whilst leaving a protective layer.

G3 PRO CLAY MITT - Photo of the front side of a Purple and Black Clay Mitt in its Plastic Bag on a White Background

G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt removes ingrained dirt that causes dulling and minor defects when used with a G3 Pro Detailer.

G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches. 

BOOST CLOTH - Photo - Single Grey Cloth folded at a slight angle on a White Background

‘made by boost’ Microfibre Cloths are both edgeless and low lint making them ideal for a wide variety of tasks.

G3 PRO SPRAY WAX - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Spray Wax rapidly provides a layer of protective Carnauba wax to surfaces - leaving a streak-free finish with an enhanced gloss and extending the protection of previously applied wax finishes

G3 PRO RESIN SUPERWAX - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

G3 Pro Resin Superwax is an easy glide liquid wax that gives surfaces a durable, high gloss finish