How to Safely and Effectively Clean Paintwork

Jet washer spraying car clean

During the washing process dirt particles and contamination can mar a vehicle's paintwork. The 2-bucket method greatly reduces the chances of this happening.

Pre-washing with G3 Pro Snow Foam before washing with G3 Pro Shampoo will further reduce the risk of marring as Snow Foam is a touchless method to lift and soften dirt before washing.

Pre-Wash... with Snow Foam

G3 Pro Snow Foam has been developed as a pre-wash for your vehicle to soften and loosen dirt ahead of contacting the paintwork with a wash mitt. Vehicles can often have a build up of salt and dirt from the Winter season.

Using G3 Pro Snow Foam to assist with the removal of heavy grime ahead of a contact wash will reduce the chance of particles damaging paintwork, causing marring, swirls and scratches.

  • G3 Pro Snow Foam being poured into a Jet Wash Bottle

    Mix G3 Pro Snow Foam with water

    Add 1 part G3 Pro Snow Foam to: 15 parts water for LIGHT cleaning 10 parts water for MEDIUM cleaning 4 parts water for HEAVY cleaning
  • G3 Pro Snow Foam being sprayed onto a black car via a pressure washer

    Spray Snow Foam on the car

    Cover the entire car in Snow Foam from top to bottom. The thickness of the snow foam varies depending on the dilution ratio and quality of your foam lance.
  • Detailing brush being used on a window seal after being sprayed with G3 Pro Snow Foam

    Optional: For dirty seals and plastics

    If necessary, loosen dirt on dirty window seals, rubber and plastic when coated with Snow Foam using a detailing brush.
  • G3 Pro Snow Foam dwelling and dripping on side of car

    Let it soak in...

    Let the foam soften the dirt and lift it off - the foam should start to drip off the vehicle.
  • Rinsing G3 Pro Snow Foam from bodywork with a pressure washer

    ...then rinse it off

    Rinse with clean water from top to bottom - preferably with a pressure washer or hose.

Wash... with Shampoo

G3 Pro Shampoo's highly concentrated formula delivers high foaming action - softening and lifting dirt to prevent surface damage whilst leaving a high gloss shine.

Special lubricants in G3 Pro Shampoo provide a smooth, easy glide use to remove harsh contaminants without scratching - ideal for both deep cleans and maintenance washes.

For best practice - we highly encourage the use of the "two bucket" wash method.

  • 1 Black Bucket and 1 White Bucket in front of a black car

    Fill two buckets with lukewarm water.

    One bucket will be used to clean your wash mitt, the other is used to dip your mitt in the shampoo solution...
  • G3 Pro Snow Foam being poured into a black bucket

    Add G3 Pro Shampoo to your preferred bucket

    G3 Pro Shampoo is highly concentrated - you can achieve a decent wash with 1 capful (10 ml) to about 10 litres of water.
  • G3 Pro Shampoo being foamed up in a bucket via a pressure washer

    Top Tip!

    For a rich foam wash, submerge the lance of your pressure washer in water and gently squeeze the trigger.
  • New lambswool wash mitt being dipped into a soapy bucket

    Dip your mitt into the shampoo solution

    Cover your wash mitt with shampoo foam. We use a lambs wool wash mitt, but a microfibre "noodle" wash mitt is just as good. We would NOT recommend using a sponge as they are more likely to leave scratches as dirt sticks to them easily.
  • Lambswool wash mitt being used on the front of a car


    Run your wash mitt over the car from top to bottom - rinse regularly (see next step) and top up with shampoo suds.
  • Dirty lambs wool wash mitt going into clean water bucket

    Rinsing - with the WATER bucket

    While you wash, clean your dirty wash mitt in the WATER bucket. This will keep your SHAMPOO bucket as clean as possible and free from dirt.
  • Putting rinsed lambs wool mitt into soapy bucket

    Refilling - with the SHAMPOO bucket

    Dip your wash mitt into the shampoo suds again. Repeat the process until the car has been thoroughly cleaned with the mitt.
  • Car bonnet and bodywork being rinsed with a pressure washer

    Rinse off..

    When you are satisfied...rinse off the shampoo suds with clean water.
  • DO NOT Image - Red X over someone about to throw a bucket of dirty water at the car


    Don't undo all your hard work! Don't throw either bucket of water over your car to rinse it off - that will just cover your car with dirt and grime!
  • Using a drying towel on a car bonnet

    ...and dry!

    Dry your car with your preferred drying towel. We recommend a soft pile microfibre towel to avoid unnecessary contact with the paintwork.

Maintain... with Rapid Detailer

G3 Pro Rapid Detailer - when paired with the G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt - can be use to remove ingrained dirt and annoying contaminants such as dirt, bugs and tar spots either as part of a deep clean or between washes.

  • G3 Pro Rapid Detailer being sprayed onto a G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt in front of a black car

    Spray the mitt and the surface...

    The Clay Mitt makes removing ingrained dirt easier compared to a conventional clay bar...but it must be used correctly! Keep the mitt as lubricated as possible so that it glides over the surface.
  • G3 Pro Clay Mitt - Clay side being used on a car

    ...clay the surface...

    Keep the mitt lubricated and apply light pressure while moving the clay side of the mitt over the surface.
  • G3 Pro Clay Mitt - Soft side being used on a car

    ...and wipe it off!

    Use the back (cloth) side of the Clay Mitt to wipe off any residue. Repeat if necessary. If done correctly, the surface should now feel smooth.

Did You Know?

  • G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt being dipped into a bucket with G3 Pro Shampoo solution

    G3 Pro Clay Mitt and Shampoo ?!?

    That's right! For a true decontaminating wash, the G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt can be used with Shampoo!
  • G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt washing a car, covered in shampoo suds

    Keep it wet!

    As before, it is IMPORTANT that the clay mitt stays wet when in use. If you plan to do this, you will need to soak your mitt more often than a normal wash mitt to keep it well lubricated!

Products Used

  • G3 PRO SNOW FOAM - Front Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Snow Foam is a pH neutral cleaner, safe for all surfaces and paint finishes. It is ideal for touchless cleaning and maintenance washes, before full exterior work.

  • G3 PRO SHAMPOO - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Shampoo's highly concentrated formula delivers high foaming action - softening and lifting dirt to prevent surface damage whilst leaving a high gloss shine.

  • G3 PRO RAPID DETAILER 2.0 - Front Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Rapid Detailer 2.0 is a non-hazardous, silicone-free cleaner that removes bird lime, tree sap, dust and fingerprints from surfaces whilst leaving a protective layer.

  • G3 PRO CLAY MITT - Photo of the front side of a Purple and Black Clay Mitt in its Plastic Bag on a White Background

    G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt removes ingrained dirt that causes dulling and minor defects when used with a G3 Pro Detailer.

  • G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

    G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches. 

  • BOOST CLOTH - Photo - Single Grey Cloth folded at a slight angle on a White Background

    ‘made by boost’ Microfibre Cloths are both edgeless and low lint making them ideal for a wide variety of tasks.

For Further Cleaning

This solution focused on paintwork but there are other products in the G3 Pro Range that can be used on external surfaces:

G3 Pro Multicleaner isn't just a powerful fabric cleaner - it can be used on wheel arch liners, plastic trims and panels

G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner is safe on paint and can be used on bodywork as a fallout remover.

G3 Pro Glass Cleaner cuts through dirt, grime and road film without leaving smears, streaks or rainbows when using window wipers - providing excellent clarity.

  • G3 PRO MULTICLEANER - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Multicleaner is a solvent-free, powerful cleaner for fabric and hard surfaces.

  • G3 PRO WHEEL CLEANER - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, pH neutral touchless cleaner for all wheel types, including alloy, steel, chrome, painted and plastic trims.

  • G3 PRO GLASS CLEANER - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro Glass Cleaner offers powerful cleaning action for a streak-free crystal-clear finish.