The Profile Polishing Range Explained

Mark Taylor (Applications and Training Manager at Farécla) talks us through the new look Profile range.

The Profile range is a carefully crafted selection of compounds, polishes and waxes which are used to permanently improve the condition of a number of hard to soft coatings used in marine and industrial markets.

Featured Products

PROFILE 100 EXTRA - Photo of 3kg size SKU on a white background

Profile 100 EXTRA Heavy Cut Paste Compound - commonly dubbed "liquid sandpaper" - is a coarse, aggressive, water-based compounding paste for tough resins and gelcoats.

PROFILE 350 PREMIUM LIQUID - Photo of 1L and 1 US Gallon size SKUs on a white background

Profile 350 PREMIUM Liquid, an exceptional boat polish, efficiently eliminates sanding marks, rejuvenates gel coat surfaces, and achieves a superior high gloss finish. Especially effective on dark colours, this versatile product serves as a comprehensive one-step solution or can be integrated into a two-step compounding process to attain an even higher gloss and minimise swirl marks.

PROFILE 400 ADVANCED PLUS - Photo of 1L size SKU on a white background

Profile 400 ADVANCED PLUS Fast Medium Liquid Compound eliminates P1500 sanding marks and defects from paint, lacquer, acrylic, plexiglass and gelcoat surfaces, leaving a high gloss.

PROFILE UV WAX - Photo of 1 L size SKU on a white background

Profile UV Wax for Hand Application is a thick liquid wax that incorporates special UV absorbers to give up to 3 months protection to gel coats and paints exposed to external weathering.

PROFILE POLYMER UV WAX - Photo of 1 L size SKU on a white background

Profile Polymer UV Wax for Machine Application is an easily applied wax containing UV inhibitors that provides up to 3 months protection and gloss on paint, lacquer and gelcoat surfaces.