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  • Versatile: Engineered for both gel coats and painted finishes, removing up to P800 sanding marks and leaving a high gloss finish
  • High Quality Abrasive: No Haze, No Dieback
  • Water-Based: Cleans up easily and extends pad life

About: Profile Premium Paste

Profile Premium Paste Compound is a medium aggressive, water-based cutting compound capable of removing up to P800 sanding marks as well as delivering a high gloss finish. 

With added lubrication, it is also resistant to drying out in hot conditions and when working on on large surfaces. 

Often used as the sole compound on white gel coats, it can be applied in the first stage of a two part compounding process where higher gloss and lower swirl is required by following on with Profile 700 Finish.


FPL Part No.
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  • 3 kg
    4 Pot(s)

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    Clean and Protect is an easy to use “wipe on, wipe off” product - rapidly removing contaminants from paint, glass, rubber and plastics, whilst leaving a silicone-free layer of protection to the surface 

FAQs & How to Use

How to Use: Profile Premium Paste How to Use: Profile Premium Paste

1. Sand area - Profile Premium Paste Compound removes up to P1200 scratch marks

2. Attach a G Mop 8” Single Sided Wool Pad to a polishing machine

3. Mix product well and apply a small quantity of the product to the surface or pad

4. Spread and compound at 1500-1800rpm

5. Wipe clean with a G Plus Finishing Cloth

What's the difference between a Paste and Liquid compound? What's the difference between a Paste and Liquid compound?

Liquid compounds are more advanced, deliver faster cutting, create less mess and require less product per job.  

Paste compounds tend to be designed for older paint technology, (e.g. medium solids ‘MS’ systems), whereas liquid products are a more recent innovation typically intended for use on the latest compliant paint technologies.

Recent Changes

  • The 3.5 kg SKU (PRP301 / SGA 78072717217) has been discontinued – the decision to change to 3 kg was made to reduce the risk of breakages during international shipping. The price per pot has been reduced pro rata.
  • PRP306 also moves away from 100% virgin plastic into a pot that contains a significant proportion of recycled plastic. As a consequence, the new pot and lid are grey not white.