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  • Easily centred
  • Hook & Loop / Velcro Fastening 
  • Trapezoid shape - great visibility on edges and superb handing / control.
  • 150mm = ⌀ 130-150 mm (5"- 6")
  • Colour: Orange Pad
Automotive Market

About: Foam Polishing Pad

Designed for use with G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish with a dual action polishing machine - when used together, this combination will  leave a marr-free mirror shine finish.

The G3 Pro Foam Polishing Pad offers a light cut perfect for finishing and is ideal for OE and refinished paints.

This pad can also be used with a rotary polishing machine


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  • 150 mm / 6 in
    1 Pack (Single)
    12 Pack(s)

Use With...

  • G3 PRO D.A. FINE POLISH - Photo of 500 ml size SKU on a White Background

    G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish is a light abrasive liquid that removes minor imperfections for a mirror shine finish - optimised for use with a Dual Action Polisher.

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FAQs & How to Use

How to Use: G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish How to Use: G3 Pro D.A. Fine Polish

1 - Ensure surfaces are clean and cool
2 - Apply a small amount to a Foam Polishing Pad
3 - Polish at 3000opm
4 - Wipe clean
NOTE: For harsh defects use G3 Pro D.A. Cutting Compound if necessary

Dual Action Polishers

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