AC Delco Polishing Machine

The FG-MINIPOL-ADV 75mm cordless Mini Polisher is a versatile lightweight machine ideal for SMART repair jobs.

This improved model offers the same benefits you are used to but is now faster and lighter without compromising performance and battery life!

The side handle has 2 possible positions for ease of use and the tool comes complete with charger, spare battery, carry case, wool and foam compounding pads, 2 velcro backing pads and grit sandpapers.

For best results use with our G Mop 3” Applicator Range.

  • Long battery life
  • Supplied with spare carbon brushes
  • Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Ideal for polishing small areas

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  • 10.8 volts
  • 0-2800 RPM
  • Weighs 0.88kg

Product Information

Pack size QTY Code US Code
For 3" (75mm) applicators 1 FG-MINIPOL-ADV n/a

Use With

G Mop High Cut Foam

G Mop Lambs Wool Applicator Pad

G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam

G Mop Finishing Foam

Industry Tips | 20.02.2018

For vintage car enthusiasts using cellulose paint, how long should I leave cellulose paint to dry/harden before compounding with Farécla products?

Cellulose paint systems should be allowed to dry overnight before compounding.

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Industry Tips | 16.02.2018

New G3 Pro Range Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the latest on our New G3 Pro Detailing Range.

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