Tooling up! Farécla adds battery-powered polishers to the G Plus range

Attaching a blue foam cutting pad to a dual action polishing machine

Having already enjoyed great success with its corded electric rotary (GPT002 / GPT003) and dual action (GPT202 / GPT203) polishing machines, Farécla is pleased to reveal there are now cordless battery-operated counterparts to both machines.

Just like the original corded machines, the cordless rotary (GPT050) and cordless dual action (GPT250) polishers have been developed to Farécla’s own specifications:

Both machines are lightweight, well-balanced, quiet and with a low vibration rating for comfort and cool running – with a wide speed range and an indicator chart on the casing to give the operator precision control over machine speed for optimum polishing results.

Both machines share an 18V DC system – meaning that for convenience the same battery (GPT150) and twin bay charger unit (GPT151) can be used with either tool.

With a battery fitted these machines can stand upright, making it easy to keep pads away from contamination on the bench or the workshop floor when the machine is not in use.

Matching the corded originals the cordless rotary polisher comes with a free G Mop Flexible Back Plate for 6”/150mm Pads (GMB146), and the cordless dual action polisher includes 3 G3 Pro pads designed specifically for dual action use; Microfibre Cutting Pad (7502), Foam Cutting Pad (7503) and Foam Polishing Pad (7504).

The G Plus Cordless Polishing Machines (GPT050 / GPT250) are sold bare (Tool Only). Battery (GPT150) & Charger (GPT151) for these units are sold separately.

Battery Powered G Plus Range

G PLUS CORDLESS ROTARY POLISHER - Photo of Front of Polishing Machine at a Slight Angle

The G Plus Cordless Rotary Polisher has been developed to Farécla’s own specification to be the battery powered equivalent of the popular corded polishing machine.