Body Paint Restoration on Narrowboats - Farécla Profile Range Spotlighted in Waterways Network Magazine

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Narrowboats and Paint Maintenance

Farécla is delighted to share that our Profile range was recently showcased and put to the test in the latest issue of Waterways Network Magazine:

David Babot (Market Development Manager - Marine & Industrial for Farécla) met with Waterways Network Magazine's Tony Jones to test the Profile range of surface rectification products on a narrowboat; its once vibrant green paintjob noticeably faded and dull as you would come to expect of years of UV light attacks from above and below for over 10 years.

With new professional paintjobs costing upwards of £10,000, it's unsurprising that many owners and boaters are looking for a more accessible - and affordable - solutions to restore their faded paint. 

Speaking to Tony, David said:

“The marine and boating industry generally follows the progress made in the automotive industry, and we have noticed boaters becoming increasingly interested in paint correction over the last few years,” said David. "Our Profile range of products is manufactured for exactly this purpose, and we’ve had many years to refine and perfect the process. It’s the ideal time for the brand to make waves in the inland waterways market.”

Farécla in Action

The full article sees David guiding Tony through the various steps of polishing - with the one step cutting compound Profile 400 Advanced Plus, followed by protecting with an application of Profile Polymer UV Wax.

You can register on the Waterways Network Website via the link below to read the latest issue online for FREE.

We can't resist sharing this lovely "half and half" shot from Tony that shows off how this range brought back to life this ten-year-old paint job!

Thank you to Tony and everyone involved at Waterways World for the opportunity. 
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Half and Half on a Narrowboat - Left is a bright vibrant green colour, restored using Farecla products. The Right is a dull washed out green



Featured Products

  • PROFILE 400 ADVANCED PLUS - Photo of 1L size SKU on a white background

    Profile 400 ADVANCED PLUS Fast Medium Liquid Compound eliminates P1500 sanding marks and defects from paint, lacquer, acrylic, plexiglass and gelcoat surfaces, leaving a high gloss.

  • PROFILE POLYMER UV WAX - Photo of 1 L size SKU on a white background

    Profile Polymer UV Wax for Machine Application is an easily applied wax containing UV inhibitors that provides up to 3 months protection and gloss on paint, lacquer and gelcoat surfaces.

  • G PLUS CORDLESS ROTARY POLISHER - Photo of Front of Polishing Machine at a Slight Angle

    The G Plus Cordless Rotary Polisher has been developed to Farécla’s own specification to be the battery powered equivalent of the popular corded polishing machine.

  • G MOP FLEXIBLE BACK PLATE - Side view of 6 Inch Yellow Back Plate

    The G Mop Flexible Back Plate adds additional flexibility to Farécla's range of compounding and finishing foams - allowing for improved handling performance, increased performance and increased pad life. 

  • G PLUS FINISHING CLOTH - 1 Unfolded Yellow Cloths on a White Background

    G Plus Finishing Cloths are ideal for quick cleaning and drying jobs. Its microfibre technology grips dust and small dirt particles, and the cloth’s edgeless finish prevents damaging and scratches. 

  • G PLUS SPURRING BRUSH - Photo of a yellow spurring brush on a white background

    The G Plus Spurring Brush is designed for manually cleaning G Mop pads and foams - unclogging foam cells to ensure no drop in cut or gloss and avoiding residue, dried compound and other contaminants impairing your next job.