G Mop Flexible Back Plates

The Farécla G Mop Back Plate with Yellow Interface for 6″ Pads features a thick yellow polyurethane interface to provide excellent control and improved handling.

Perfectly suited to all Farécla 6″ G Mop applicator pads.

Available in 3 thread sizes to suit your preferred machine.

  • Excellent Control & Handling
  • Available in 3 thread fitments
  • Hook & Loop Pad Attachment System

Further Details

  • For Use by Machine
  • For 6″ (150mm) Pads

Product Information

Pack size QTY Code US Code
6" 14mm 1 GMB614 GMB614
6" 5/8" GMB658 GMB658
6" 16mm GMB616 GMB616

Use With

G Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad

G Mop High Cut Foam

G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam

G Mop Finishing Foam

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