Introducing the G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt for a truly easy, deep-clean

Achieving an ‘as new’ finish on your car has suddenly got a whole lot easier with the launch of the revolutionary, reusable Body Prep Clay Mitt by Farécla’s G3 Professional. The mitt gives you the power to get professional results at home without the need for professional skills.

The G3 Pro Body Prep Clay Mitt allows car owners to deep clean their car, removing dirt and contaminants that a shampoo wash leaves behind. The result is a truly clean, silky finish to your paintwork, preparing it perfectly for polishing, waxing or paint renovation. What’s more, it is easier to use and lasts up to five times longer than a conventional clay bar!

The G3 Pro Body Prep Clay Mitt fits comfortably on your hand and the easy glide application gives you total control over the deep clean process. The advanced rubber polymer technology gently bonds with contaminants, lifting them at a molecular level whilst still preserving the paintwork. Perfect for bodywork, windscreens and headlights,  it easily removes road grime, acid rain, salt, road tar, tree sap and industrial fall out.

Rob Wilkinson from Farécla’s Technical Team said “As dirt particles and impurities build up on a car’s bodywork, they become trapped and difficult to remove. This creates an uneven sheen over the paintwork that diminishes the car’s ‘as new’ shine, leaving a dull finish, even after cleaning. We wanted to create a product that was easy to use, achieved outstanding results and passed our ‘feel and see the difference’ test. Using a G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt will ensure your car keeps its glossy shine for longer and dirt is less likely to stick to the paintwork.”

Halfords’ Car Cleaning Product Manager David Howells said: “We’re always looking for innovative products that deliver a clear benefit to our customers. Pulling on the G3 Clay Mitt is like having the hand of a professional car detailer. It combines leading edge technology in an easy-to-use package to deliver a visibly better finish. Lasting up to five times longer than traditional clay bars, it’s also a purchase that appeals to both heart and head.”

To achieve the best possible results with the G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt, G3 recommends using it with the G3 Bodyshop Detailer. G3 Bodyshop Detailer provides the essential lubrication necessary, allowing the G3 Clay Mitt to glide smoothly over bodywork and remove ingrained dirt and contaminants with ease.

The G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt retails at only £12.99 and can be purchased at Halfords in-store and online, and all other good automotive stores.

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