Cost Savings on a High Volume Boat Production Line

The Customer's Challenge

The customer has a high-volume boat production line. Costly clean-up and materials were diminishing profits. An evaluation of their process and the products used was needed to find cost savings.

Key Benefits

Lowered Costs
Lowered Costs by $30,415

Cost Savings

Less Time
25% Less Time Per Boat

Time Savings

Reduced Process Steps
Reduced Process Steps

Production Savings

Reduced Waste
Reduced Product Waste

Product Savings

Customer Process:

The customer was polishing seventy boats per week for 50 weeks for a total of 3500 boats annually. By saving 15 minutes per boat, the customer saw significant savings. Farécla reduced labor in steps in their processes, caused less splatter clean-up of the areas, and got better finish results than the incumbent compound and gel coat.

Cost Savings:

The Farécla Profile Premium Liquid Compound reduced polishing times by 15 minutes per boat, and was able to remove one step in their process with black and darker colors and two steps with white or lighter colors. The viscosity of Profile Premium Liquid Compound creates less splatter, and it is water-based which leads to less clean-up. 

Total cost savings at this customer was $30,415 annually.

Featured Products

  • PROFILE 350 PREMIUM LIQUID - Photo of 1L and 1 US Gallon size SKUs on a white background

    Profile 350 PREMIUM Liquid removes sanding marks, restoring gel coat surfaces, and delivering a high gloss finish. Ideal for dark colours, it can be used as a one-step solution or as part of a two-step compounding process for enhanced gloss and reduced swirls.

  • Farecla G-MOP Beige Single-Sided Buffing/Polishing H&L Wool Pad

    G-Mop Wool Compounding Pad operates at a consistent level of aggressiveness for extended periods of time.