70 Years of Farécla

This year marks 70 years since the launch of the Farécla brand, now world renowned for the quality of its surface finishing compounds and polishes.

The evolution of paint technology has come a very long way since that launch in 1952. Back then cellulose paint was the standard coating on automobiles and other vehicles, but across the decades Farécla’s own product development has always kept pace with new paints, thanks to constant investment in R&D. This has allowed Farécla scientists to advance the chemistry of Farécla products in tandem with the substrates that they are intended to polish – all the way from cellulose paint, through Medium Solids, High Solids and Ultra High Solids to the very latest Ceramic Clearcoats.

The latest breakthrough compound from Farécla is its G360 Super Fast Compound whose unique abrasive technology allows it to polish the latest clearcoats from P1500 grit – faster even than competitors who sand to P3000 grit and then polish.

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Farécla Laboratoires
Farécla G7 Rubbing Compound
 Queens Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category

Queens Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category

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