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Yogurt – Yogurt’s Polishing

Tell us a bit about your business

I am a Mobile Polisher in California USA Specializing in Paint Correction From Mild to Wild.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Everything! But mostly I enjoy giving the customer a beautifully finished vehicle.

Which Farécla products do you use in your process and what for?

Farécla G3 Compound stage 1+ stage 2 Compound to eliminate all sanding.

Farécla G3 Gloss Enhancer to finish off and bring about a high gloss finish along with adequate protection.

Why do you choose Farécla products?

Innovative and ease of use. Very easy to clean up, very minimal spatter, superb shine all around great products.

Let’s see some of your work

You’ll find more of Yogurt’s work over on his Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/yogurt_1/

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What does Farécla mean?

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