What Makes the G360 Super Fast System So Unique?

The engineered abrasive technology behind G360 is a recent innovation developed by Farécla. This technology is exclusive to Farécla and sets the bar in achieving an unprecedented cut rate and final gloss with permanent results.

Our technology has been specifically designed to afford a substantial reduction in both overall system time and cost which Farécla is acutely aware are critical factors for bodyshops.

Whereas many other companies buy their raw materials ‘off the shelf’, Farécla collaborates closely with it’s raw material suppliers to develop custom made materials tailored to our exact specifications produced within narrow tolerances.

The knowledge required to produce this technology come from years of research and development from a multidisciplinary team of skilled chemists originating from various industries. This technology doesn’t only make Farécla the industry leader, but also the only real option for achieving this level of performance.

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On the Road | 15.01.2019

Len Burr – Farécla User Profile

Name Len Burr Tell us a bit about your business I work for Super Yacht Solution. We repair/respray and fair Yachts of all sizes. We detail, sand and polish our paint…

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Videos | 08.01.2019

Farécla G360 – Your Questions Answered

Farécla Applications Technician, Mark Taylor, talks through some of the questions we have received on the G360 Super Fast System.

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