Two in a row for Teams G3pro

Teams G3pro and Farécla travelled to Suffolk for Round 8 of the Club100 championship at Red Lodge raceway.

The duo from team G3pro were hoping for their luck to change after two disappointing rounds at Clay Pidgeon and Llandow raceway, where the team suffered mechanical issues during both races whilst close to finishing in a podium place.

Greeted by rain, the team went out in practice looking to get on the pace quickly but this wasn’t to be. Both Matt and Barry noticed there were some underlying issues with the engine performance and felt they weren’t quick enough overall, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for adjustments before the qualifying session start. Both drivers were correct in thinking they had issues with the kart, with the team ending the qualifying session in last place 16th.

With the qualifying session over, Matt headed straight in to pits for the Club100 mechanics to work their magic and make a couple of tweaks to the kart. With the adjustments made, Matt headed out onto the circuit and immediately noticed a big performance gain and knew that the team now had the tools to move forward in the race.

Here are some highlights from a race win at Red lodge in 2015:-

Matt said: “It wasn’t ideal starting from the back. I knew that we had our work cut out although we’d been in the same situation at Lydd for round two so I knew it was possible to salvage something from this race. We just had to keep calm and play the long game whilst staying composed with my driving style and not make any rash manoeuvres, and try and make my way forward as quickly as possible. I think I gained around four places before the first round of pit stops so I was very pleased with that.”

Next out in on track was Barry who gave another outstanding performance. He said: “We were in 12th place by the time I got out on track and I knew it was going to be difficult to move forward. The teams in front are all very experienced and would be on the pace but with that said, I knew that me and Matt had a little more ability and speed and our pit strategy as ever was strong.”

Over the 156-lap race, the Team G3pro drivers both put in a master class in driver skill and were able to make up the places needed to finish once again on the podium in second place.

Meanwhile over at Team Farécla, drivers Stewart and Craig were hoping to build on the race victory at Llandow the teams first race win.

During qualifying, Stewart quickly got into the groove and managed to pull of the team’s best starting position of the season by setting the 17th quickest time.

As ever, the start of the race was frenetic. Craig said: “I had a fairly daunting task and needed to make up places quickly; on the opening two laps I gained and lost four positions which was frustrating. I soon got into a rhythm, however, and started picking up places and soon enough I was in for our first fuel and driver change over.”

During the race the team made their way up to 2nd in class and were having a decent run but once again got caught up in the aftermath of an incident.

Team Farécla eventually crossed the line in 4th in class and took home decent point haul.

Stewart commented: “Well that was more like it – almost! We had the pace and we had the kart but again we didn’t have the luck; it was still a most enjoyable race. Roll on Whilton Mill!

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