Teams G3Pro and Farécla race to 2nd at Lydd

Teams G3pro and Farécla ventured into the unknown for Round 8 of the Club100 championship at Lydd raceway, Kent.

The duo from team G3pro were hoping for their luck to change after two disappointing rounds at Buckmore Park and Llandow raceway, where the team suffer mechanical issues during both races.

Greeted by sunshine, the team went out in practice looking to get on the pace quickly but this wasn’t to be. Both Matt and Barry noticed there were some underlying issues with the engine performance and felt they weren’t quick enough overall, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for adjustments before the qualifying session start. Both drivers were correct in thinking they had issues with the kart, with the team ending the qualifying session in last place 30th.

With the qualifying session over, Matt headed straight in to pits for the Club100 mechanics to work their magic and make a couple of tweaks to the kart. With the adjustments made, Matt headed out onto the circuit and immediately noticed a big performance gain and knew that the team now had the tools to move forward in the race.

The start of the race was hectic as ever, highlights of which can be found here:-

Matt said: “It wasn’t ideal starting from the back. I knew that we had our work cut out although we’d been in the same situation at Whilton Mill for round four so I knew it was possible to salvage something from this race. We just had to keep calm and play the long game whilst staying composed with my driving style and not make any rash manoeuvres, and try and make my way forward as quickly as possible. I think I gained around nine places before the first round of pit stops so I was very pleased with that.”

Next out in on track was newly-wed Barry who gave another outstanding performance. He said: “We were in 21st place by the time I got out on track and I knew it was going to be difficult to move forward. The teams in front are all very experienced and would be on the pace but with that said, I knew that me and Matt had a little more ability and speed and our pit strategy as ever was strong.”

Over the 148-lap race, the Team G3pro drivers both put in a master class in driver skill and were able to make up 29 places to finish once again on the podium in second place and only to be denied victory by seven seconds; whilst the team were initially disappointed by the poor start to the day, the final result felt like a win for them.

Meanwhile over at Team Farécla, driver Stewart was once again joined by stand in drivers Fernando Moreira and Alex Burgess Koks Racing as Farécla’s own Craig Luetchford was taking a well-earned holiday.

During qualifying, Stewart quickly got into the groove around Lydd Raceway, and was able to qualify fourth in class and game on for the race!

Stewart said: “The start of the race was mostly entertaining as I was taking some hard hits whilst moving forward. I somehow managed to fight my way forward to second place and things were looking promising.”

True to form, Team Farécla were once again hit by some bizarre bad luck, with Stewart finding himself being collected in the aftermath of a crash which was unavoidable and then to add insult to injury found themselves in plum last place.

Undeterred, the trio of drivers unleashed everything they had over the next 140 laps, slowly but surely they moved up the order, making the most of every pit stop to gain back as much time as possible.

Amazingly the team were rewarded with all their hard work with a well earned second-place finish in class and a third podium of the year.

Stewart said: “I thought we were once again on for the win. It was another one of those days – for a moment everything was going well and then disaster strikes! However this time we were able to do something about it! A special thanks to both my stand in team mates, they were outstanding and I couldn’t have asked for more from them both! We are still pushing for a win this season and with two races to go, lets see what happens!”


The teams now head to Whilton Mill in Northampton on Saturday and hope for good conditions to make their mark in the races. They really appreciate all of your support so don’t forget to visit the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

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