Teams G3Pro 2017 Season Finale


An interesting day for G3 Pro as the main challengers in the championship this year all seem to be on song (Apteryx Racing, Run Time, Lucid, CKS Motorsport etc.).

After Matt Hale qualified the team in a below-par 15th, both drivers knew it was to be another long race! An average start saw Matt gain and lose places on the opening laps with keeping on the track as the main priority. As the race progressed, both drivers pushed the kart to the limit and made some progress but this wasn’t enough to be in contention at the front – they could only aim for 3rd but eventually crossed the line in 14th and 5th in class.

Barry said: “The underlying speed of the kart seemed to be off – it was marginal but enough in key corners for it to count. Our pit stops were also poor which cost us a bunch of time so there’s work to do on that front.”

The day wasn’t all doom and gloom as the duo had done enough to clinch the runner’s up spot in the championship.

Matt said: “The final race at Buckmore Park wasn’t great but we can’t complain having had seven podium finishes from 11 rounds. The championship was very close and at the end as we only missed out by 20 points. Congratulations to Apteryx who are worthy champions!”


It was a cold and wet November day to bring the curtains down on the 2017 Club100 Endurance championships. Team Farécla G3 Pro had their usual team of George Turner, Fernando Moreira and Alex Burgess taking to the track with nothing to lose in the difficult conditions after a less than pleasing season of results.

The team qualified in 8th position and George made a storming start, coming down the hill in front of the pits and spectator area celebrating jumping to 3rd position after well negotiating the tricky start in the rain. He handed over to Fernando and the team were in a top five position in the laps running up to mid-race. Unfortunately the team were disappointed to hear Alex announce over the team radio during the latter stages of the race that he had been involved in an incident with a lower placed team. This put pay to any hopes of a podium and the team came home in 9th overall and 8th in class.

“It was again a shame we didn’t get any trophies or serious points from this final event of the year,” remarked Turner. “It was a great feeling making up five positions in the opening few corners and coming down the hill in 3rd position in front of the team and our supporters!”

This event was one of the team’s dropped results from the final championship table, which saw them in 7th overall down from 3rd in 2016.


Coming off the back of six podium-positioning finishes, G3 Pro Racing were once again looking to turn the tables on their rivals.

Craig said:- “I started 25th 3rd in class, I had a great start taking the inside line on turn one putting myself into 1st place! I managed to keep this lead, but sadly it was only for one lap, I spun out on hair pin 2, I took too much curb, my race was over before it had begun. I finished the race 30th, 9th in class..”

Next up was heat 2 with Stewart, who started in 25th position: “I avoided several crashes on the opening lap which put me in the lead of class 3 and mid pack class 2/Class 1. I managed to accumulate a bit of a lead in my class and finished comfortably 1st in class.”

Craig was back in for heat 3 and said: “I started 25th, 3rd in class, I had an ok start, but still I managed to get in 2nd place and was behind SMIDSY. I knew where I went wrong last time so I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice and managed to keep my head down and have a good race and finished 2nd in class!.”

It was then all to play for in the final race of the day for heat 4. Stewart said: “The guys at G3 said all I needed to do was win the class – no pressure then! I had a good start once again to the race and found myself in a clear second place. I was getting some mixed message from the pit wall about whether I needed more points for the class win – I decided just to go for it and moved into the lead, and I manage to build a gap over second to finish 1st in class and take the top spot on the podium alongside a delighted Craig!”

Stewart said: “An amazing year we’ve had – just like our sister team we managed to finish on the podium seven times and we also finished runners up in the championship. Me and Craig learnt so much in the Quadrant series and we look forward to taking that experience back into the Endurance series for 2018.”

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G3 PRO 2017– 2nd / 2nd / 7th

Matt said: “I’m proud of all the guys. Between our teams this season we picked up 15 podium finishes – it’s fair to say that we faced a lot of different challenges this year and it shows how far we’ve come and that we can’t be too disappointed finishing runner up in two championships plus the bonus of a podium finish at Spa Francorchamps.

“We’d like to thank our sponsors G3 Pro for giving us the opportunity to fly the flag for the brand; our supporters, for turning out to races and following us online; our fellow competitors for the challenge and camaraderie; John Patterson who took these amazing set of pictures; and our families who have to put up with hours on end of race talk and being away from children!”

We really appreciate all of your support, so don’t forget to visit the G3 Professional Facebook page, follow them on Instagram and check out their YouTube channel!

See you in 2018 for a special G3 Pro championship challenge!

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