Team G3pro Round 7 Preview

Team G3 head to Hampshire for Round 7 of the Club 100 Endurance Championship.

A new challenge for the team, it will be the first time Team G3pro has visited the Forest Edge circuit in Hampshire. A top three finish in class is once again on our to-do list as well as improving on our current 2nd place championship standing.

The team had a great race in Wales GYG circuit at the beginning of September  – you can watch all highlights >>> GoPRO footage <<< – in the video you can see how the team had a tricky start to the race but regardless made their way forward towards the front of the pack and maintained position for the majority of race,   Admittedly, we had a disappointing end after a flooded engine after fuelling kept the kart from firing up, and although it eventually did, it was a very costly delay to the team were we lost around three-quarters of a lap and end the race in 3rd place.

Forest Edge is a fast flowing circuit with unforgiving curbs and should prove to show driver skill, overtaking ability will be put to the test as a small error could result in a large crash or a damaged machine, something the team will be out to avoid.  We have a solid strategy in place and we just need to keep out of trouble to get another good result.

Don’t forget to get behind us by liking our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter, and you can always join us at the circuit to support us on the day.

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