Team G3 up 2 places after Whilton Mill!

Matt, Stewart and Barry faced their 9th race of the Club 100 Endurance Championship. The team have made vast improvements in terms of racing strategy and put on a great performance at Whilton Mill last weekend.

Team G3 met a difficult start to their race. When they arrived at the circuit, they found their kart set up for wet racing conditions and therefore gave a lower power output than needed for the dry track. This meant taking the car into Testing for alterations, which was taken out of valuable practice time.

Stuart’s qualifying followed, his first of the season so far. He performed well, however the lost time in practice meant he qualified towards the back on the grid. He then had an eventful start to the race, where he made up a few places – which was lost when he hit a wet patch on one of the corners and spun out. Fortunately, the corner also caught out a few of his competitors too, which you will see on the race video next week!

Matt and Barry were then out to make up the rankings. With racing victory in mind, they weaved through their competitors and made it up to 2nd place. The only thing that thwarted them was a bit of overzealous inner-team competition! Barry tried hard to beat Matt’s lap time but got carried away, taking too much kerb and causing him to spin out and lose ½ a lap.

The 2nd half of the race saw solid performance from the entire team and they finishing the race in 4th, equaling their best result of the season so far! The team now stand 3rd in the championship.

Despite the spins, the team kept their heads down, put in some fast laps and overtook their competitors in a somewhat more entertaining fashion; so keep an eye out for the video being released next week on Facebook and YouTube.

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