Team G3 round 7 trials and tribulations

Team G3 went into Race 7 at Forest Edge looking to continue a fine run of podium finishes.

The day got off to a good start with perfect weather for racing; Matt, Stewart and Barry were confident in their strategy that had already seen them lead the championship for most of the season. However, after finishing third at GYG the team found themselves demoted back into second place with their ever-present and consistent rivals Team Mufflers taking over the lead of the championship.

After a poor qualifying session the team went into the race in 20th place. Undeterred, the guys put in a valiant effort and made up positions, leap-frogging their main rivals.

Team member Barry had noticed problems with the kart earlier in the day: “We were doing everything during the race to keep up the pace, but our mid range engine power was non existent; we were also suffering from tyre degradation meaning a lack of grip round some key corners.”

After 1 hour 40 minutes of racing, Team G3 were fighting for third place but on lap 115 – just 20 laps from the end – the guys fell behind caused by a high speed collision with another driver who’d made a rash error in judgement whilst attempting a high risk overtaking manoeuvre. This resulted in the team standing still for two laps but even so, they pushed through to the bitter end and finished fifth in class.

Stewart commented: “We’re really disappointed about the end result, but being so close to a podium finish has just made us more determined to push for the title. For next time, we’ll aim for stronger qualifying position and we will also do our best to stay out of trouble!”

Check out the drama which unfolded in round 7 with a amazing highlight footage from the race >>> Gopro footage <<<

Team G3 remain second in the championship and their next race is on 26th October at their home circuit of Rye House raceway.

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