Team G3 crowned champions

After going through the entire season enjoying dry racing conditions, the drivers from Team G3 thought their luck was in and there’d be no need to break out the wet race suits. But this is Team G3 after all…

The trio arrived at Buckmore Park for round 9 and the championship title decider. “Never have I raced in conditions like what I experienced at Buckmore Park,” said driver Matt Hale.

 “Qualifying was really wet with drivers struggling to get round the mile long circuit. However I managed to pop in a fairly decent lap time towards the end putting us in 8th place for the start.”

The team managed to keep out of trouble at the start of the race and managed to get up into 5th place. Things were going pretty well given the conditions but disaster nearly struck when Matt headed flat out into hairpin one: “I applied the brakes for the throttle to lock full open,  which led to a spin but managed to avoid contact with the front runners. This put us down the order.”

As the light faded and so did their ability to see, which is a little bit disconcerting to say the least. Visibility was so bad that almost every corner had a kart which either crashed or had been crash into. A yellow flag was out on virtually every corner.

Things got so bad that the race was eventually red flagged at 75% race distance; the conditions had become almost undriveable and the start/finish strait was an aquaplane danger zone.

Team G3 ended the race in a season worse 7th place but had already done enough to clinch the team’s first championship title.          

Throughout the 2014 season of highly competitive motorsport, it has been drama, stress and high-fives abound for Team G3 as they raced tenaciously for race wins all season. Highlights included six podium finishes, and an epic home race victory at Rye House, highlights can be viewed here >>>> Rye House <<<<

We’d like to finish off by thanking our sponsors, G3 Pro, for allowing us the opportunity to fly the flag for the brand; our supporters, for turning out to races and following us online; our fellow competitors for the challenge and camaraderie; and our families who have to put up with hours on end of race talk and being away from children!

We really appreciate all of your support, so don’t forget to visit the G3 Professional Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and check out their YouTube channel!

See you in 2015 for next year’s championship challenge!

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