Stockwell Surfboards – Farécla User Profile


Tom Stockwell

Tell us a bit about your business

Custom Surfboards designed and built in South Devon UK.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I really enjoy the shaping process but love working with resin and pigments.

Which Farécla products do you use in your process and what for?

G3 Advanced Liquid Compound to remove all of the sand marks from sanding the gloss coat. G3 Advanced Liquid Compound really makes the colours on the board pop and really makes the gloss coat shine. All applied with the Farécla applicator pads and backing plate.

Why do you choose Farécla products?

The products are easy to use and always create a high quality finish that my customers expect.

Let’s see some of your work

For further details, you can find Tom of Stockwell Surfboards at

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