Stick? Or Twist?

That is the question for bodyshops this summer

Should I STICK with my current paint cup system? Or should I try the new TWIST in paint mixing?

Farécla’s Optimised Paint System features a BRILLIANTLY SIMPLE 2-piece design that allows bodyshops to make significant cost savings whilst at the same time simplifying their paint preparation process. That, and the system’s cleanliness, is why it is already in use at many leading UK bodyshop groups.

Knowledge Base | 26.03.2019

What’s the Difference Between G3 Premium and G360 Super Fast Compound?

If you're an existing G3 Premium user you may be wondering what the difference is between your current compound and G360 Super Fast Compound. In short you will experience a…

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G3 Pro Detailing | 12.03.2019

Detailing Glossary – A Guide to Terms Used in Vehicle Detailing

Abrasive: Natural or synthetic materials in a polishing compound to remove scratches and imperfections on paint or clearcoat by abrading the layer. APC: All Purpose Cleaner, such as G3 Pro…

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