Spring & Summer Vehicle Care Guide

As the sun comes, Spring and Summer are the seasons when you want to be out and about. Your vehicle needs to look its best. Here are a few steps to help you look after and protect surfaces.

Wet, muddy conditions on the roads, coupled with a desire to not be outside cleaning, can develop an undesirable look for your vehicle. This means that dirt can become stubborn on your vehicle, difficult to remove easily and cause damage to your paintwork if removed with shampoo or even just sprayed with water. G3 Pro Snow Foam is gentle on the surface, but tough on dirt. Contaminants are softened and lifted for easy, safe removal.

As everything is looking shinier and cleaner after the cold, wet months, make sure your vehicle’s bodywork reflects this change. Clean with G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo or G3 Pro Wash & Wax followed by a quick and easy application of G3 Pro Resin Superwax or, for the ultimate finish, G3 Pro Supergloss Paste Wax. The surface will have that professional showroom finish as you take your Spring and Summer drives and road trips. Easily maintain your wax protection with our wipe on, wipe off G3 Pro Spray Wax.

Contaminants from the environment can leave micro particles on your vehicle’s surfaces that shampooing simply can’t reach, such as tree sap or airborne iron fallout. These particles can can lead to dulling, hazing, swirl marks and holograms if not removed effectively. Combat this with a G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt used with G3 Pro Rapid Detailer to pick up those micro-particles.

After the battering from the Winter months, your vehicle may have developed defects to the paintwork from scratches to fading from the buildup of road grime and grit. These will be more noticeable as days become sunnier. Using G3 Pro RESTORE products will easily deal with light scratches, swirl marks, holograms and dulling without using fillers. This means that the work put into rectifying the paintwork will be permanent and defects will not reappear after several washes or rainy days. Our new G3 Pro Cut & Wax is a fantastic one-step product for general minor defects such as swirls and holograms, leaving a protective wax layer behind with the option of using by hand or machine.

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