Spa-Francorchamps Report


The Farecla G3 Pro team consisting of George Turner, Fernando Moreira and Alex Burgess added Calum Jones to their driver roster for the Spa Francorchamps 10 Hour Event over the May bank holiday weekend. The event consisted of 9 races counting for 4 overall rounds over 2 days and their aim was to finish on the podium for the first time this season.

Day one consisted of four 30min sprints, three of which counted as Round 1 and three 60min enduros, two of which counted as Round 2. Each had randomised grid positions.

Race 1:

Fernando Moreira took the helm for the first race of the weekend as he was the team’s only driver who had previously raced at Spa and fancied a low grid slot and a battle through the pack. He started 28th but felt the kart wasn’t up to much and battled up to 24th overall and 12th in class.

Race 2:

George Turner took race 2 with a grid slot of 10th. The first start was a shambles and the race had to be restarted with George narrowly making it through the carnage. The restarted race went well and George held a solid 9th overall and 3rd in class come the chequered flag.

Race 3:

Alex Burgess went out in race 3 starting down in 27th. He picked his way through the field magnificently to finish 12th overall and 5th in class.

Race 4:

Calum Jones finished off the morning with the team really needing a good finish to get their three results to count up to scratch but unfortunately the kart he had just wasn’t up to the job. He ended up 28th overall and 13th in class.

Round One ended with us classified 9th.

Race 5:

Fernando Moreira started the race from 32nd out of 36 karts and demonstrated his typical fast starting skills to pick his way through the pack. George Turner went out for the final half of the one hour race holding 3rd place behind the sister G3 Pro team to bring the kart in 11th overall and third in class.

Race 6:

Calum Jones started the race from 14th and did really well to hold a high position which was never lost when Alex Burgess took over. The race ended with the team 10th overall and 4th in class.

Race 7:

Going into race 7 the team knew that nothing below a 3rd place would count towards the round result, so it was ‘win or bin’ for the team of Fernando Moreira and Calum Jones. From 10th on the grid they made their way up to 2nd place in class where just laps before the end Calum overtook for the class lead in front of the spectator area to take the race win.

Round 2 saw the team claim 1st place on best two results (1st and 3rd) in the Premier Class. This left the team 3rd overall on Day 1.

Day 2 was to be two 2.5 hour endurance races, perhaps the team’s forte as endurance drivers. Both results counted towards the final event standings and the teams had to use the same kart all day, randomly allocated in the morning captain’s briefing. The allocated kart was named ‘Chimay’ after the Belgian beer and the team hoped it would be a Belgian rocket! During the morning’s practice session Fernando Moreira and George Turner drove the kart in the dry before a heavy rain shower passed over as the team got the kart tested by the Club100 test drivers. Calum Jones and Alex Burgess drove the kart before Calum qualified us in 11th overall for the start of Round 3.

Round 3:

Round 3 saw the start in absolutely atrocious wet conditions. Calum took the start well keeping the kart in a high class position. George Turner took over as the track started to quickly dry after the shower. Steam was coming off the circuit as it rapidly dried in the hot sun. As the track got drier the relative pace to other teams dropped off and George started to slip down the order into a midfield position. Neither Alex Burgess nor Fernando Moreira could get much out of the kart in the dry conditions and the team ended up in 13th overall come the end of the race which was 6th in class.

Following Round 3 the team were still in 3rd overall in the standings but had several teams hot on their heels to take the position in the final round. The mood was generally low in the team seeing as the kart hadn’t really performed well and there was a whole 2.5 hours of racing to go.

Round 4:

Round 4 started with the teams all in their finishing positions from Round 3. Again the pace wasn’t spectacular and the team were slipping down the order. An early black flag didn’t help the cause. During George Turner’s stint, team mate Fernando Moreira took some time in the sister G3 kart and acted as a rear guard for George in the down on pace vehicle, often giving a little help out of the corners! During Alex Burgess’ stint however the heavens opened again. In the rain it was apparent the kart was indeed worthy of front running pace in the wet and Alex did brilliantly to hold it on the circuit and overtake karts which were lost out to in the dry while others ended up having spins. Another black flag and it was all down to Calum to claw something back in the final hour of the weekend. Calum didn’t disappoint with blistering pace in the wet to haul the team up to 5th position in class, bumper to bumper with 4th over the final nerve racking laps.

The results over the 4 rounds tied the team in 3rd position with Team Racecraft. Our win in Round 2 then classified Farecla G3 Pro as the third position finishers. This wasn’t totally confirmed until 48 hours after the event finished as due to a technical error the team were presented as the 4th position finishers on the day!


A mention must be given to the sister G3 Pro teams on the grid who added in regular KOKS Clubman driver Mark Perkins to their line ups to assist in their Spa 10 Hour efforts. Mark’s contributions were exceptional, especially on Sunday where in the changeable conditions the G3 Pro Racing team notched up a 1st and 2nd in Rounds 3 and 4 to make up for lesser performances on Saturday. Mark perhaps has the most spectacular crash of the team’s weekend to his name as well heading hard into the tyre wall on a fast section of the circuit. Matt Hale and Barry Luetchford also finished 2nd behind the Farecla G3 Pro team in Round 2 on Saturday afternoon giving a G3 1-2 finish in that event!

Driver Matt Hale said: “It was an amazing job from all the guys. The competition was feisty as ever – naturally, I am disappointed with some of our results from over the weekend however I’m delighted to see one of our teams on the podium.

“Finally a special thanks to our sponsors whom travelled to Belgium to watch all the action live, to all the Club100 staff for putting on a great weekend of racing, and to photographer Laura MacMillan for taking some wonderful photos once again.”


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