Round 8 Victory for Team G3

Stewart, Matt, Barry had one goal at Rye House Raceway and that was victory.

Team G3 completed another strong qualifying session with a 2nd place overall ( 1st in class) which was perfect preparation for the upcoming race.

Taking his place in the 31 kart line-up, Matt Hale started the eighth race of the season keen to hold position. After a strong opening two laps fending off attacks, Matt maintained position only for the race to be red flagged and stopped due to a multiple kart crash toward the back of the pack. After a short delay the race restarted and Matt had to do it all again, however this time round holding position for the first lap Matt was bumped down to third place resulting in a black flag for the offending driver. Matt continued unabated and battled with the pack trying to keep it on the circuit despite some suspect driving action with the competition.

In a strong position Team G3 pulled in for the first pit stop in 2nd place changing over to driver Barry Luetchford who was ready for the next stint. After a super hot change over the team came out of pit lane in first place, with the competition hot on their heels.

Following the second pit stop, driver Stewart pushed forward over the course of the next twenty laps and controlled the race whilst pulling out a margin over all their rivals, leaving Team G3 more determined than ever to win.

The goal over the remaining three stints was to keep out of trouble, avoid accidents and keep it clean, whilst maintaining a strong pace to remain first in the race overall. With their heads down Team G3 had smooth pit stops and firmly kept 10 seconds between themselves and their closest rivals – leaving them with a brilliant win!

Highlights from an action-packed Rye House round 8 video can be view here >>> Rye House highlights <<<

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