Round 7 Preview

Saturday will see Team G3 travelling back to Buckmore Park for the first time since Round 1 in February. To say it was an interesting start to the season would be an understatement – snow storms and -10°C conditions meant the thermal underwear had to be cracked out, so it’ll be very different this time around.

After six races team G3 are currently laying fourth in the championship. This is beyond our expectations and is thanks to some strong races at the start of the season where we saw some great point hauls. However this tally could have been improved if it weren’t for the two mechanical faults at Ellough Park and Whilton Mill, the latter costing a podium finish. But the team are still upbeat and fighting strong.

Whilton Mill for us is a turning point in the season –  we’ve all been displaying some excellent race craft and outright speed, which team member Barry proved with the fastest lap of the race late on in at Whilton Mill. But don’t take our word for it, watch the packed highlight video:- Round 6 Video Highlights

Team G3 are mixing up their race strategy going into Buckmore; Barry will be qualifying and starting the race for the first time this season and his proven speed over one lap should make for interesting viewing. Matt and Stewart are both familiar with the circuit and are looking forward to getting into the groove quickly and hopefully power their way to a top five finish.

Don’t forget to get behind us by liking our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter, and you can always join us at the circuit to support us on the day. There is ample parking, good hospitality such as a cafe and viewing balcony and it’s just off the A2 so is easy to get to.

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