Round 6 Preview

As we look forward to a race on one of the year’s hottest days, it is hard to believe that Team G3 started the championship in minus temperatures only a handful of races ago.

For those of you following the team since the start, hopefully you’ll see an upward shift in their fortunes which has largely been a result of their teamwork. Going in to Round 6 at Whilton Mill in Northamptonshire, the team are confident that they are a cohesive, and effective team; all they need now is a kart that works!

Clay Pigeon was an excellent example of this. The team finished in an impressive 5th position despite again falling victim to some mechanical problems. Matt, Barry and Stewart have been putting everything into each race, and can’t help but think missing that podium finish must just be down to bad luck! To catch up on what happened at Clay Pigeon watch the highlights here: Club 100 RD5

Positive thinking is crucial, and thinking ahead, Whilton Mill has the longest strait of the championship tracks! Inevitably this means the chance to do fast laps; an opportunity Team G3 will not pass up! The opportunity to reach speeds of up to 85mph alongside motivation gained from a good result at Clay Pigeon, means that hopefully the rising temperatures wont be the only reason Team G3 are scorching hot on the day!

The team really appreciate all of your support so don’t forget to visit the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter! We can’t wait for this race!

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