Team G3pro Round 2 Preview

What a difference four months makes…as we go into Round 2 of the championship on one of the year’s warmest days yet, the memories of our win at Buckmore Park in a much cooler February are still strong.

The race was very surreal. Matt had to be there in spirit whilst he celebrated his brother’s wedding in Australia, only being able to give some guidance and tactics over the phone and then wait nervously for the results. But it was well worth it when he heard they came back with a P1 win! As ever, here are race highlights edited by Team G3’s Stewart Luetchford.

Since then, Team G3 haven’t sat still. In fact, they took part in an epic 12-hour enduro at Rye House on Good Friday. Joined by three other drivers, the team maintained the stamina needed for such a hard race; bearing in mind the mental and physical challenges it brought, they finished 8th out of 25 teams and were happy with their fantastic result.

Clearly winning the first race of the season means more pressure to maintain their position for the rest of the year, and that will be a big test for the team. With their next trial at Whilton Mill this weekend, they’re hoping to bring home another podium and keep their view from the top of the leader board. It was mixed fortunes at the course last year given that two visits to the circuit led to two very different outcomes [highlights can be viewed here and here]; but with the longest strait of the championship tracks, Sunday will lend opportunities for high-speed racing and tactical overtaking. The guys know what they need to do to get the job done, and it’s a matter of staying on the track, keeping out of trouble and getting the kart home in one piece.

The team really appreciate all of your support so don’t forget to visit the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter! We can’t wait for this race!


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