Farécla OPS Flexible Paint Cups

Farécla’s Optimised Paint System is an innovative process for the preparation and application of both solvent and water based paints. Thanks to its robust 2-piece design, paint can be mixed directly in the cup, quickly assembled, used, re-filled and disposed of which guarantees a cost effective job.

  • Easy to Use, Store & Re-use
  • Reduces Costs & Time
  • Lightweight & Low Wastage

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  • Twist On
  • Re-fillable

Product Information

Pack size QTY Code US Code
125 micron filter 300ml 1 x 45 sets PSC301 n/a
190 micron filter 300ml 1 x 45 sets PSC306 n/a
125 micron filter 600ml 1 x 45 sets PSC601 n/a
190 micron filter 600ml 1 x 45 sets PSC606 n/a

How to use

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Farécla OPS Bolt Adaptors

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Farécla OPS Flexible Paint Cups

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Tips | 17.04.2018

Can I use G3 to remove stone chips from paintwork?

No - G3 works on upper clearcoats however, unfortunately, stone chips cause damage to lower paint levels. Therefore we suggest filling and building the lower paint layers before applying G3…

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On the Road | 05.04.2018

#ontheroad – April 2018

Last month was an exciting time, here at Farécla HQ with launches and activity aplenty! The Farécla 2018 Apprentices Bonnet Painting Competition, launched during National Apprentice Week, is all about…

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