OPS Flexible Paint Cups

Farécla’s Optimised Paint System is an innovative process for the preparation and application of both solvent and water based paints. Thanks to its robust 2-piece design, paint can be mixed directly in the cup, quickly assembled, used, re-filled and disposed of which guarantees a cost effective job.

  • Easy to Use, Store & Re-use
  • Reduces Costs & Time
  • Lightweight & Low Wastage

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  • Twist On
  • Re-fillable

Product Information

Pack size QTY Code US Code
125 micron filter 300ml 1 x 45 sets PSC301 n/a
190 micron filter 300ml 1 x 45 sets PSC306 n/a
125 micron filter 600ml 1 x 45 sets PSC601 n/a
190 micron filter 600ml 1 x 45 sets PSC606 n/a

How to use

Use With

OPS Bolt Adaptors

OPS Stoppers

OPS Flexible Paint Cups

OPS Rigid Clear Cups

Industry Tips | 20.02.2018

For vintage car enthusiasts using cellulose paint, how long should I leave cellulose paint to dry/harden before compounding with Farécla products?

Cellulose paint systems should be allowed to dry overnight before compounding.

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Industry Tips | 16.02.2018

New G3 Pro Range Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the latest on our New G3 Pro Detailing Range.

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