G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt


  • Soft and delicate on surfaces
  • Long fibres to clean in gaps
  • Lifts contaminants effectively

The G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt safely lifts dirt away from paintwork, into its deep pile, whilst the long fibres clean deep into trim mouldings and panel gaps.

Use with G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo or Wash & Wax Shampoo.

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Further Details

  1. Rinse well after use
  2. Allow to dry naturally

Product Information

Pack size QTY Code US Code
Mitt 1 7237 n/a

Use With

G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo

G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo

G3 Pro Wash & Wax

G3 Pro Wash & Wax

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